Why play fantasy contests on Footstock?

November 18, 2020


Why play fantasy contests on Footstock?

Why play Footstock and buy the cards when I can play other platforms without paying for the cards?

Great question, Girty!

Footstock has an array of ways to use your cards, such as trading, games, contests and virtual battles. But to keep things simple we’ll purely look at it from a DFS-style contests point of view (that’s daily fantasy sports, not the sofas!)

The best place to start is by looking at the fundamental differences between a standard DFS bet and a Footstock contest.

The Differences

1. On Footstock you must buy the cards, either on the market or from packs, in order to play those players in contests. This is in contrast to other platforms, where you can pick any player you like (within the requirements), but don’t have to pay extra to select those players – it’s all covered within the entry cost.

2. Rake – Footstock offer 0% contest rake, compared to the industry standard of 10%. This effectively means every contest is either 10% cheaper to enter or all prize pots are boosted by 10%, whichever way you prefer to look at it.

3. Freerolls – Footstock also offer freeroll competitions whereby you can enter your cards to compete for prizes without having to pay any additional entry fee. This includes a weekly ‘Beat Kammy’ £1,000 freeroll & a £100,000 seasonal freeroll (best 6 gameweeks), among others which vary from week to week.

4. Discounted credit – I know we didn’t want to focus on the other areas of the platform, but it would be rude not to mention the various ways of getting discounted credit, from trading in cards in Deal Of The Day, to packs, deposit bonuses and promotional bonuses, among others! Using these various mechanics, smart users can comfortably generate a consistent 10% discount, with many boasting 30%+ from clever trades!

What does this mean?

Essentially, the discounted tournaments need to cost less than you pay for your cards, and this can be looked at in two ways.

1. Freerolls – It’s very simple: will you be able to win the cost back in freeroll tournaments? This relies heavily on your footballing knowledge as you’re competing against other users trying to do the same!

2. Negative-rake contests – If we take the most modest credit discount of 10% and add that to the industry standard 10% rake you would pay elsewhere, the question is: are the cards cheaper than the 20% swing in entry costs? This will be dependent on how many contests you enter with the cards. This applies regardless of whether you win or lose in the contest, as playing elsewhere you would have lost 20% more.

Example Scenario

Entering a £200 prize contest on a standard DFS site with 10 entrants competing using 7 players. This would cost you £22 vs the cost of £18 on Footstock.

As an example, let’s select a single-match contest with a clash between Leicester and Arsenal.

You would be hard pushed to need a lineup costing more than £30 for this contest. So yes, the cost for entering the Footstock lineup is now £30 + £18 vs the £22 elsewhere. However, as the cards never expire, you’re effectively saving £4 every time you use these players! Oh, and Footstock also run virtual contests based on historical performance data, so not only do player cards have additional usage during the off-season or international breaks, they also have usage when they’re injured or suspended in real life!

Quite quickly you’ll be reaping the benefits of using your collection versus paying the rake each time. And as mentioned, if you enjoy the trading and other aspects of Footstock, you can increase the margins by finding more ways to receive discounted credit.


If you plan to enter one contest a month, then you’re better off sticking to the standard DFS platforms. However, if you’re planning to enjoy the fantasy contests every week, then Footstock will without doubt increase your winning margins in the long run. After all, playing 1× £20 contest every gameweek for 5 seasons will cost you 38 × 5 seasons × £4 extra elsewhere = £760! That makes a £12 Jack Grealish or a £3.04 Fabio Silva seem pretty cheap in the grand scheme of things!


Girty is nothing short of a Footstock community legend. One of the most successful managers on the platform, his expertise and enthusiasm has shaped the way new players take to the game.