What Is Footstock? Footstock Explained

October 6, 2020
Footstock Team


What Is Footstock? Footstock Explained

Footstock is where player trading meets fantasy football. Users can buy and sell footballers on the Footstock market and use them to compete for cash prizes in Footstock’s fantasy contests.

Trading on the Footstock Market

The Footstock Market is where you can buy and sell players with other users with real cash. The Market uses an Order Book system, meaning players can be bought and sold instantly, or via a bidding system.

To learn more about how the Footstock Market works, check out our dedicated Footstock Market guide or watch the video below.

Competing in Footstock’s Contests

Footstock’s fantasy contests are where the serious cash can be won on Footstock. Whether it’s our season-long £100k freeroll, our single-match contests every match day or our virtual contests on those pesky quiet days, there’s always something to get stuck into.

Find out everything there is to know about Footstock’s fantasy contests by checking out our contest guide page. The video below will give you a taster too.

Buying a Footstock Pack

Footstock’s packs give you the chance to win a superstar for a fraction of the price.

The packs currently on offer are:

EPL Standard – £6.99
EPL Premium – £29.99
EPL Exclusive – £99.99
New Player Pack – £29.99
Contest Credit Pack – £19.99

Most packs contain a combination of players and contest credit, along with other surprises like deposit bonuses. The more expensive the pack, the higher the likelihood of winning one of the Premier League’s biggest stars.

The Footstock Community

The Footstock Community is a vital part of the Footstock ecosystem. On forums like the Official Footstock Slack, you’ll find discussion, help, product feedback and, of course, a healthy sprinkling of banter.

Many of Footstock’s most experienced members are on hand to help newcomers, and you’ll regularly find members of the Footstock team interacting with users too.

Aside from Slack, our Twitter page is a great place to keep track of product updates and take part in community discussion.

Footstock’s £100k freeroll

It’s not too late to join Footstock’s £100,000, free-to-enter fantasy contest.

Prize money will be split amongst the top 100 finishers, as well as generous weekly prizes every single gameweek. The overall winner will take home £25,000.

The best thing? The Footstock £100k freeroll only counts your best 6 gameweeks. In other words, if you joined with just 6 gameweeks left, you’d still have a chance of bagging a share of the cash.

Check out our guide to the Footstock £100k freeroll to learn more or watch the video below.