Welcome to card drop contests and Rewards 2.0

February 11, 2021
Footstock Team


Welcome to card drop contests and Rewards 2.0

With the title race in full swing and European football returning next week, it’s a fantastic time in the footballing calendar! It’s also a great time for the Footstock Team, as we’re ready to drop two new features alongside some fantastic facts and figures 📊

Here’s an update on how we’re progressing, plus details on two key additions to the product 💪


The recently launched trainee journey is proving hugely successful. By exposing new users to the excitement of our Fantasy Football contests, through challenges that provide bonus cards and a direct route to the new user freeroll, we’re seeing some fantastic growth. In the last month participation in our new user contests has risen by 257% and weekly active users has increased by 22% ✔️

As a result we’ll be extending this new user journey over the next week, providing further incentive to enter paid contests and continue building a Footstock collection 👊

Card Drop Contests 🚪

They’re here! The first Card Drop Contest will take place this weekend, free to enter with a £1500 prize pool! A major step in our ongoing card circulation management, these contests will now be a regular feature. 

In a card drop contest you enter a lineup as usual, but at end of the contest your cards are removed from your collection. This is a great way to potentially turn those duplicate or unwanted player cards into cold, hard cash 🤑

The initial contest will allow you to enter teams of 6 with no star limits, each user can enter up to ten teams. Do you use your bigger players in a high risk, high reward strategy? Or try and hit the prizes with a team of bargain basement players? It’s up to you, in line with the Footstock mantra of #playityourway ⚽

We’ll review the takeup and reaction to the Card Drop contests next week, with plans to add a single entry option plus additional prize types already underway 💪

The contest will hit the lobby by Friday lunchtime! 👀

Rewards 2.0 is here! 👊

We’re now ready to unleash our new rewards system on the world! This has been a real labour of love, and it’ll add some superb extra excitement to your ongoing Footstock journey.

The new rewards will be visible in the apps and on desktop on Sunday 14th February – Happy Valentines Day! 🌹

Existing users can choose when to opt-in to the new rewards, which’ll give you the chance to complete old rewards first if you so wish ✔️

Once you hit the new rewards you’ll see a completely revamped structure. In rewards 2.0 you work your way up five different categories, with more to come in subsequent releases! All users start at the bottom in the ‘bronze level’, and can work their way up through the levels gaining rewards as they go:

– Fantasy Champion: Entering and taking down Fantasy contests gets you the spoils here 👑
– Referral Royalty: Refer your friends to Footstock and receive rewards on top of the normal Contest Credit Referral bonus 🤝
– Deal Maker: Make use of our ‘Deal of the Day’ feature to grab extra rewards ♻️
– Pack Master: Visiting the Footstock shop is now even more rewarding! 🛍️
– Beat Bidder: Put the hammer down in our layer auctions to gobble up those rewards 🔨

Each category has four levels (bronze, silver, gold, platinum) to work your way up, with further levels to be added once users start to complete platinum! We’ll also be adding the highly-anticipated streak rewards and much more over the coming weeks….. 🥇

Any other updates?

Here’s a quick rundown of what else you can expect from Footstock in the near future:

Three Monster contests running this month with a combined £25,000 in guarantees. The first of these gets underway on Tuesday with the return of European football 👹👹👹

We released our substitutes concept in Slack this week for discussion and feedback, great to see how positively this was received. We’re making some small tweaks to the concept, and will announce a timeline for delivery asap ♻️

Games designs are well underway, focusing on our ongoing mission to make Footstock a 24/7 hub of footballing fun 🃏

Many other cool features are also in the works, including a Fantasy Hall of Fame and numerous enhancements to app and desktop usability 🏆

Good luck in the Card Drop debut, the upcoming Monsters, and your journey through the fantastic Rewards 2.0! ⚽

The Footstock Team