Updates From the Footstock Team

June 29, 2020
Footstock Team


Updates From the Footstock Team

Footstock Players,

The recent surge in our userbase has been fantastic to see. We welcome every one of you and love seeing our tournament pots spilling over with prize money!

As always, we’re ready to adapt to the changing circumstances in order to preserve a healthy Footstock ecosystem. Here are the details of some of those changes.

Stat Roulette Suspended ⛔

The surge in users means there’s far more stat roulette being played then we ever anticipated. We’ve now reached the point where the sheer volume of roulette spins carried out each day means that too many cards are being added to circulation: something we need to limit to protect every user’s collections and the market as a whole.

Therefore we have made the decision to suspend single roulette from later on today.

We’ll be using the next few days to decide on a revised format that combines the thrill of roulette with prizes that have a positive impact on the overall market. A further announcement will be provided very soon on the direction we’re taking in this area.

In the meantime, both roulette tournaments and virtual battles remain available 24/7, allowing you to battle each other for cards and cash on-demand.

Single Match Tournaments Update 🏅

Bringing back the excitement of single match tournaments is our number one priority this week. Our tech team are hard at work building it as we speak, and we expect to be able to launch within the next week.

Roulette Tournaments Update 🏆

Roulette tournaments are very much staying in place. As we announced last week, the roulette tournament fees and rake – which had been removed during the football hiatus – will now be re-introduced later today. A reminder of the details:

2/4 man – 2p per entry (80% reduction on pre-hiatus cost)
8 man – 1 raked card per tournament
16 man – 2 raked cards per tournament
32 man – 4 raked cards per tournament

*Note – The raked cards will never be the highest value card entered, or the winner’s own card.

Footstock Merch 👕

We have a limited quantity of the highly sought after original Footstock T-shirts available.

We’ll be putting these up as competition prizes this week, so keep your eyes on our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook over the next few days.

We’re also starting work on Official Footstock merchandise, our initial focus being on a Footstock FC football shirt that’s sure to be popular amongst you football nuts!

A reminder: suspending the roulette was not an easy decision for us. We know many of our users love it and it’s a revenue stream for us too. But as with all of our decisions, we’ve made this move to ensure the health of your collections and for the good of the entire market moving forward.

Have a great week,

The Footstock Team