Tournament Entry Updates and More …

August 13, 2020
Footstock Team


Tournament Entry Updates and More …

Dear Footstock Players,

In our redesign announcement we provided a first look at improved tournament entry screens. In line with these we’re now ready to introduce changes to how players are selected for tournaments. These changes will make things simpler for new users over the coming months, whilst maintaining card usability across the star categories. Here’s how it’ll work …

Tournament entry changes⭐

What are we doing?

The current restrictions cause confusion, which isn’t optimal as we attract more users. As a result we’re moving to a ‘total stars’ system which is both simpler to understand and consistent across tournaments.

How will it look?

At tournament entry, users will be shown restrictions as normal e.g. in an amateur tournament

“7 players must be selected, no more than 6 from one club, must choose a defender and midfielder”

The difference is that we’ll give the user a number of stars to use up in selecting their team. This ‘star count’ will reduce each time you pick a player, the same as e.g. ‘remaining salary’ is used on fantasy football sites.

What impact does it have on tournaments?

Beginner – No impact. In a tournament where six players must be selected a total of 11 stars can be used, with no higher than a common (two star) player available for selection.

Amateur – These tournaments will benefit from a wider set of potential lineup strategies. In a tournament where seven players must be selected, a total of 21 stars can be used, with no higher than epic (four star) players available for selection.

Pro – No impact. These tournaments continue to have an unlimited star total, and any cards can be used.

Why are we doing this?

There are several benefits in moving to a ‘total stars’ system.

Simplicity. Tournament entries can be explained in a simple sentence e.g a beginner tournament is

“six players, 11 stars, basic and common cards only”

Alignment to familiar products. The fantasy football managers we attract are used to ‘salary cap’ games, wherein you’re given a budget e.g. in FPL. A budget is more familiar to these users than the current restrictions.

More entry options. Users entering amateur tournaments will now be able to use varying strategies. For example with a 21 star budget you could go for any of the following tactics:

2×4⭐, 3×3⭐, 2×2⭐
4×4⭐, 2×2⭐, 1×1⭐

This vastly increases the variety we’ll see in amateur tournament entries, and adds usability to more player cards.

How will this be introduced?
We will hold a special £1000 freeroll virtual tournament, using amateur tournament rules, on Friday 21st August. This will act as a ‘soft launch’, allowing users to try out the new system before it’s fully implemented from Monday 31st August onwards.

Does this impact the £100k freeroll?

One of the biggest benefits is the impact on the £100k freeroll. It allows us to simplify the entry requirements, whilst opening up a world of varying strategies for your entries.

The provisional setup previously announced remains, with one key difference. Rather than having to select 2*1⭐, 2*2⭐, 2*3⭐, 5*any⭐, you’ll simply have a budget of 35 stars with which to build your team.

This allows for many different team builds:

Take all the legendary players, but the remainder of your lineup will be made up of risky 1 and 2 star players

Take all 3 and 4 star players, foregoing the superstars in favour of a strong and balanced team

Take a couple of superstars and a couple of one and two star gambles, whilst the rest is made up of ‘safe’ three star picks

Which is the best tactic? We’ll find out over the next season, with one of you walking away £25k richer!

Positional changes ♻️

We’ve now reviewed player positions for all players on the platform. Alterations have been kept to a minimum, with the intention to only change players that are clearly now deployed in a different position to our records.

There are many players and positions in modern football that can be debated, especially around wingers and ‘number tens’. We’re taking the approach to leave these players ‘as is’, minimising the disruption for our users wherever possible.

These players will change positions on 29th August:

Ezri Konsa (Aston Villa): midfield to defender
Keinan Davis (Aston Villa): midfield to attacker
Tomas Soucek (West Ham): defender to midfielder
Josh Onomah (Fulham): attacker to midfielder

After these changes all player’s positions will be set and not changed during the 2020/21 season.

Rewards tidy-up 🧹

As announced in our recent product update, today’s the day your rewards get spruced up for summer. Visit the article linked above to see what will be changing. A few key points:

Any ‘free stat roulette entry’ coupons already received, but not used will be amended to a 10% tournament credit pack discount. Rewards featuring ‘free stat roulette entry’ will now provide a 10% tournament credit pack discount.

Any gained but unused ‘pack discount’ or ‘free player’ coupons will be unaffected.

Rewards will finish updating overnight, and will be fully refreshed by Thursday 13th August.

As a special summer treat we’ve also added virtual battle rewards, go take a look in your rewards section! They even backdate to factor in previous battle performances!

Virtuals 2.0 🤖⚽

The release of our upgraded virtual match engine will be delayed. The virtuals already work very well and have been a big hit with our users, so we’re focusing our efforts on more pressing matters. We want to ensure other key product items such as the redesigned apps are ready for the new season, so that’s where the focus is right now.

We will deliver an improved virtual experience as soon as possible, but it’s likely to be during Quarter 4.

And finally 👤?

We are finally ready to announce our new Footstock Brand Ambassador on Monday 17th August. One of THE biggest names in British football is coming your way, along with their gigantic social media following, so keep an eye out……

Thank You,

The Footstock Team