Time to take on Kammy!

September 15, 2020
Footstock Team


Time to take on Kammy!

Former player, former manager, current top pundit. Chris Kamara is a font of football knowledge, but does he have Footstock skills?

Find out as you take him on in the weekly £1000 Beat Kammy Freeroll!

How will it work?

Each week there’ll be a freeroll contest covering all Premier League fixtures. The rules are simple:

Single entry – one team per entrant
Pick 8 players – 1 keeper, 1 defender, 1 midfield, 1 forward, and 4 players of your choice
20-star limit – play it your way. With an average of 2.5 stars per player to use, do you combine superstars with basic players, or go for a balanced team of mid-range players? It’s up to you!

Kammy will also pick a team that’s pinned to the top of the contest, so you can monitor his progress throughout the Premier League gameweek.

What can I win?

There’ll be £500 distributed to the highest finishers as per our normal contest prize distribution.

On top of this, a £500 contest credit pot will be split equally between everyone who finishes above Kammy.

The higher Kammy finishes the less users will have beaten him, and therefore the bigger slice of contest credit they’ll win.

If Kammy finishes first the contest credit pot will roll over to the following week.

Remember you must Beat Kammy to win a slice of the contest credit. No prizes for draws in this game!

How many chances do I have?

We’ll run the ‘Beat Kammy’ freeroll every Premier League gameweek from 19th September onwards.

That’s £37,000 in prizes – with zero entry fee!

Can you beat the man himself? There’s only one way to find out. Click here and get your entry in!