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Three Beginner Tournament Strategies

January 27, 2020
Tom Mitcham


Three Beginner Tournament Strategies

One of the most important things to consider when joining in with the Footstock fun is how to attack the tournaments.

With so many freerolls, including the huge £10k freeroll (which you can enter up until Gameweek 34, by the way), there’s really no excuse not to be harnessing them to boost your funds. In fact, many users find that freerolls build their bankroll, which in turn allows them to purchase more cards. With more cards, they have more ammunition with which to enter paid tournaments.

To help you get started, we asked one of our most successful tournament players how he goes about building lineups. Hopefully his wisdom will help you achieve success in our tourneys going forward.

A tale of three strategies

I generally have three different strategies for single match tourneys depending on how I think the game will play out.

Find the clean sheets

The first question is: do I think a side will keep a clean sheet? If the answer’s “yes” then I’m always selecting that team’s best defender and their goalkeeper. Goalkeepers score huge if they don’t concede and are a must in this scenario. Be warned though: if the team does concede and you have their keeper plus at least one defender, you’re in trouble!

Back the winners

If I’m not expecting a clean sheet on either side then the next question is: do I see an obvious winner? Arsenal at home to a poor side are a good example here. They’ll often concede but will also score 3 or 4 themselves and win the game comfortably. In a case like that, I’ll select all the Arsenal attacking threats I can, trying to ensure I get every single one of Arsenal’s goals and assists. If the tournament decrees I must take a defender too I’ll generally take the most attacking one e.g. someone like Hector Bellerin.

If in doubt, attackers are preferred

If there’s no clear winner and I don’t expect a clean sheet on either side then I’ll generally try and take the key attacking players from both sides. For example, if Norwich are hosting Bournemouth there’s a great chance of goals from both teams: they’re fluent going forward but shaky defensively. Therefore, I’m likely to have a lineup that’s a combo of the two team’s key midfield and attacking assets. If I have to take a defender, I’ll take the most attacking one from whichever team they play for. In this example that would probably be Rico.

We hope this insight helps you in your tournaments. Could it help you win the £5k first prize in our Footstock £10k freeroll? Well, there’s only one way to find out.

Tom Mitcham

Tom has been a Footstock user since virtually Day 1. One of our most successful tournament players of all time, you'll find him dishing out invaluable wisdom to new managers whenever he gets a chance.