The Xmas Monster | All you need to know!

December 2, 2020
Footstock Team


The Xmas Monster | All you need to know!

The Xmas Monster will run over the Boxing Day fixtures, covering Premier League Gameweek 15. December will be all about qualification, with over 400 free entries to be won! 🎟️


Tell me about the Monster…

The Monster itself is £20 to enter with a maximum of 10 entries, and has a £20,000 guarantee! £5,000 of that is added by Footstock, so the final prize pool will be swelled with bonus cash 🤑

Teams of 11 players will be required with a 30 star limit, ensuring all budgets have a shot at glory 🏆

The Monster will be listed on 7th December 2020, to avoid anyone entering earlier and taking advantage of December star category moves! 🎅


How do I qualify? 🤔

All multi-match contests between 1st and 24th December act as qualifiers, including freerolls. There’s 24 matchdays during the month made up of Premier League, Champions League, Europa League, Carabao Cup and virtual fixtures.

Finish top 3 in a contest during that period and you’ll receive an Xmas Monster free entry ticket 🎟️ 🎟️ 🎟️

It’s the 12th month of the year already! To get into the festive spirit we’ll also be giving 12th place finishers a free entry ticket too! 🎟️


Anything else on offer?

If you can max out by winning ten tickets, then a further prize is up for grabs! Only ten tickets can be won, but for the truly skilled amongst you…

Qualify 11 times and you’ll get a European player card of your choice! Not just the ones we currently have on the platform, but also any European star yet to be added! Sancho? Haaland? Kimmich? The choice is yours!

Oh yeah, and on 1st December the Champions League contests that day act as super qualifiers. The top 12 in those contests will all receive tickets, as the first door opens on our Footstock Xmas advent calendar! 🎟️ 🎁


Point to note 🗒️

During all qualifying contests, in the event of a tie the ticket will go to the team entered earliest. We reserve the right to only give out four prizes per contest. For example if two users are joint third in a contest, only one will receive the discounted entry ticket.

Single player and Two Player contests do not count as qualifiers.

Should you win a European player of your choice, it will only be awarded if/when the player is added to the platform. The player must play for a European Club, Premier League players are not included.

Good luck hunting down those Monster tickets! 🎟️ 👹