The Single Player Jackpot

January 25, 2021
Footstock Team


The Single Player Jackpot

Earlier in the season Footstock introduced the single player contest. This has proved to be an incredibly popular addition to the Footstock roster and the beauty lies in its simplicity. Just pick the one player you think will get the most points over a contest.  

On the 13th of January, we decided to up the ante! Each contest £20 would be added to the single player prize pool to anyone who could pick a unique winner, if no one won it would roll onto the next one providing a bigger and bigger jackpot.  

On Saturday, at the 8th time of asking, the £160 jackpot was won by lewjordanfs using none other than Billy Sharp. Lewis won the £160 jackpot to go along with his £151.72 winnings for first place. All from a £2 entry and a card that cost 51p on the market!

  • There were 4050 entries over the 8 single player contests
  • The closest we got to a unique winner before it was won was when two users picked John Stones when he popped up with a double.
  • The most ties at the top were 77 when Mo Salah was the best player in the virtuals. 
  • Of the 8 players who were top scorers three were 1-star players, two were 2-star and 3, 4, and 5-star each won one apiece.
  • Midfielders produced the most winners with 4. Attackers provided 3 while Defenders provided 1 winner. No goalies to be seen!
  • The highest points for a win was 62.65 points (John Stones) and the lowest was 41.4 (Phil Foden). The average was 50.59

The single player game provides a really interesting dynamic where it’s not always the ‘best’ players which make the best pick. Thinking outside the box can be massively rewarded as this way you have to share your winnings with far less people if your pick comes out on top! 

Well done again to lewjordanfs who got an incredible £311.72 return on his £2 entry. 

The Single Player Jackpot was so popular we have decided to do it all again. How big will the jackpot get to this time?