The January Monster and Product Updates

December 28, 2020
Footstock Team


The January Monster and Product Updates

With Christmas and our wonderful advent calendar wrapped up, it’s time to look to the New Year and more Footstock fun ⚽

Firstly, we’ll take you through the January Monster format, before moving on to some product changes announced several months ago that now come into force 👹

Here’s what to expect from the January Monster 🔥

The January Monster 👹

The January Monster will run over the last weekend in January, covering Premier League Gameweek 21. January will be all about qualification, with over 350 free entries to be won! 🎟️

Tell me about the Monster… 🕵️

The Monster itself is £20 to enter with a maximum of 10 entries, and has a £15,000 guarantee! Teams of 11 players will be required with a 30 star limit, ensuring all budgets have a shot at glory 🏆

The Monster will be listed on 5th January, to avoid anyone entering earlier and taking advantage of January star category moves! ⚽

How do I qualify? 🤔

All multi-match contests between 1st and 29th January act as qualifiers, including freerolls and new user contests. There’s football every day this month made up of Premier League, FA Cup, Carabao Cup, and virtual fixtures.

Finish top 5 in a contest during that period and you’ll receive a free January Monster entry ticket 🎟️ 🎟️ 🎟️ 🎟️ 🎟️

Anything else on offer? 🙋

If you can max out by winning ten tickets, then a further prize is up for grabs! Only ten tickets can be won, but for the truly skilled amongst you…

Qualify 11 times and you’ll get a European player card of your choice! Not just the ones we currently have on the platform, but also any European star yet to be added! Sancho? Haaland? Kimmich? The choice is yours!

If anyone has a truly outrageous month and qualifies 15 times they can reserve a second player, qualify 20 times and reserve a third! Surely no one can do that though, can they? 🧐

Point to note 🗒️

During all qualifying contests, in the event of a tie the ticket will go to the team entered earliest. We reserve the right to only give out five prizes per contest. For example, if two users are joint fifth in a contest, only one will receive the discounted entry ticket.

Single Player and Two Player contests do not count as qualifiers.

Should you win a European player of your choice, it will only be awarded if/when the player is added to the platform. The player must play for a European Club: Premier League players are not included. Each player you win as part of the qualifiers must differ e.g. if you win two they can’t both be Sancho.

Good luck hunting down those Monster tickets! 🎟️ 👹

Product Updates 🛍️

As announced back in September (which you can read here) there are several key product changes that now come into effect. These measures are integral in ensuring we have a sustainable and healthy market place 💪

Player statuses and swaps ♻️

31st December will be the last day that an inactive Premier League player can be swapped for another card. From 1st January onwards player swaps will be for contest credit only.

From that point on when a player leaves the Premier League:

– They will remain active if moving to a club in Champions League / Europa League competition during that season.

– They will go inactive if moving outside of the Premier League, and not joining a club in CL/EL competition that season. In this case the player can be swapped for contest credit over the first 30 days following their status change. Contest credit amounts remain the same as they have been historically (60p at 1*, £1.50 at 2*, £5 at 3*, £15 at 4*, £25 at 5*)

– The same process will be in place for players leaving non-Premier League clubs, with the following differences:

– If the player moves to the Premier League they will retain active status

– Contest credit amounts for these players will be lower to reflect their lesser utility in the platform (30p at 1*, 75p at 2*, £2 at 3*, £4 at 4*, £7 at 5*)

Premier League Player Additions 👨

1st January will also see the removal of the New Player Pack from the Footstock Shop. From this point on new players to the Premier League will be added via player auction.

New players to the league that are expected to make Premier League squads immediately will be auctioned straight away. This ensures they’re available for those who want to use them in our January PL contests and beyond. These players will be added up to a card volume of 500, and will be spread out across the transfer window.

New players not expected to be used by the Premier League club straight away will be held back until either they make a first team squad for a fixture, or there’s a quiet period in the auctions schedule, whichever is sooner. This ensures we minimise the impact of new players on the existing market.

Product Pipeline progress 🔥

We set out a super-ambitious Q4 product pipeline (see article here) that we’re really proud to say is almost completely delivered as we end the year. The Desktop 2.0, in particular, has been a roaring success, and really forms the basis from which to launch Footstock into the future.

The one area left to deliver is Rewards 2.0. We’re in the final stages of development with this one, and expect to launch it in early January 2021. The new rewards will have three key areas:

– A trainee journey that helps new users get under way in style 😎
– Advanced rewards that suit all budgets and really reinforce our ‘Play it your Way’ message 🎁
– Streak rewards that will update weekly, giving you a regular new challenge to go after! 🤩

We’ll be spending the first week of 2021 working on our Q1 Product Pipeline, and will publish it by the middle of January. Alongside optimising our existing features we know you’re all gagging for games to be reimagined, so they’ll form a big part of what we do next ⚔️

Have a great New Year everyone!

The Footstock Team