The Future of Footstock

March 6, 2020
Footstock Team


The Future of Footstock

Footstock is evolving. In just under a year we’ve seen:

526,042 purchase orders
996,639 monetary transactions
415,672 cards used in Tournaments
£243,899 won in Tournaments
£39,742 paid in freerolls and guarantees

Now, as we approach our first birthday, it’s time to take things to the next level.

Welcome to the future of Footstock.

We’re adding new players

Footstock has now grown to a point where we want to offer more than just the current Premier League stars to trade or use in Tournaments. Soon you’re going to be able to:

– pick up youth players before they make it into the big leagues
– pick up players from outside the Premier League to use in European and International Tournaments

Oh yes, prepare your portfolio for some new faces. We’re adding:

1) Every player competing in Euro 2020. These will be staggered over a 9 week period, starting on 23rd March and concluding on 3rd June.

2) Key non-Euro 2020 players who are still in the Champions/Europa League. Anyone selling a Neymar?

3) Youth talents outside of the Premier League. It’s time to start researching Jude Bellingham and Bobby Duncan.

All your Footstock cards (existing and new) will be available to use in all Footstock Tournaments (including Europa and Champions League Tournaments) from 7th April onwards. For example, Timo Werner will be usable in the Champions League quarter finals if RB Leipzig make it through.

How do you get these new cards?

The short answer? Rest of the World packs. They’ll be on sale from 23rd March.

These packs will contain both existing and new players outside of the Premier League. The first batch of players released will be a mix of top stars competing in the Champions/Europa League, players likely to star at Euro 2020, plus youth players requested by our users. Additional batches of 100 players will be added to these packs weekly from 13th April in the run up to the Euros.

Premier League player packs will also be available throughout, allowing you to continue building your portfolios as normal.

Once the Euro 2020 squads have been announced we’ll also introduce Euro-only packs, allowing you to build a full Euro portfolio ready for the competition.

What happens to your Rest of the World cards after the Euros?

Here’s the timeline of a ROTW card. We’ll use Toni Kroos as an example, because why not?

March 2020 – Kroos card available via ‘Rest of the World’ packs. Useable in Champions League Tournaments.

June 2020 – Euro squads are finalised. Kroos card can be used in Euro 2020 Tournaments.

Post-Euro 2020 – Kroos card can be kept for future Champions League / Europa League Tournaments.

What Tournaments are we hosting for the Euros?

We’re going big for this.

Our flagship Euro 2020 Tournament will be just £5 to enter, with a gigantic prizepool up for grabs. Footstock will add £5000, which will be topped up by user entries. First prize will be a minimum of £3000. We’ll let you know how this Tournament works in due course.

Alongside the flagship Tournament we’ll also run a £1000 freeroll that’ll last the full Euro 2020 period.

On top of these great Tournaments, we’ll run the following across beginner, amateur and pro categories:

– Single-game Tournaments for Euro 2020 matches
– Multi-game Tournaments for every round of Euro 2020
– Additional freerolls across each round

In other words, if there’s a Euro 2020 match on, we’ve got it covered.

Detailed Schedule

Mon 23 Mar – The ROTW packs are released into the wild. These will have 448 currently inactive players together with roughly 300 new players added (exact number tbc). There will be a further 372 Euro players to add before Euro 2020 starts.

Mon 31 Mar – The Euro 2020 play-off qualifiers finish and the final four nations are confirmed.

Tue 7 Apr – The Quarter Finals start for the Champions League. All players on Footstock can be used if their club is participating in a Footstock Tournament.

An additional 100 new players will be added to packs on the weeks commencing 13 Apr, 27 Apr, 11 May, 18 May.

Week commencing 25 May – Euro-only packs will be created (based on projected Euro squads).

2 Jun – Final 23-man squads for all Euro teams are confirmed (Euro-only packs tweaked to only include confirmed players).

3 Jun – Any players who are in squads but missing from Footstock will be added to packs.

12 June – Euro 2020 starts.

How the new cards will work

What Premier League Rest of the World
Definition Any player currently at a Premier League club Any player not with a Premier League club. (A loaned player is deemed to be with the club they’ve been loaned to)
Examples Raheem Sterling, Cenk Tosun Eden Hazard, Angelino, Marko Arnautovic, Jude Bellingham
Which pack type can they be found in? EPL Standard and EPL Premium Rest of the World
Can they be swapped for another player? No Yes
Can they be received as part of a swap? Yes Yes
Can they be used in Match Tournaments? Yes Yes
Can they be used in both types of Roulette? Yes No
Can they be used in the Raffle? Yes No
Can they be bought and sold on the market? Yes Yes
Do they count towards Rewards? Yes Yes
How is the player class calculated? Based on Points Per Game (PPG). Manually calculated by Footstock based on a player’s form and profile.
How often is the player class updated? Monthly (first Monday of the month) Monthly (first Monday of the month)

We’re really excited about these changes. As we continue to go from strength to strength, there’s never been a better time to double down on your Footstock investments. The future of the platform is looking rosier than ever.

If you’ve got any questions about these changes and how they might affect you, check out the FAQs.

Update: The above plans have been put on hold due to the coronavirus outbreak. More details can be found here: