The Future of Footstock: FAQs

March 9, 2020
Footstock Team


The Future of Footstock: FAQs

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions following today’s announcement. Remember, if you have further questions, you can reach us at or, alternatively, get in touch on our Official Slack Channel.

What are the key changes?

1) We will introduce an additional 300 players to the market (a full player list to be provided when finalised) and will be adding more over the rest of the season with the aim of having every player who plays in Euro 2020 available to buy, see the Schedule for more details.

2) From 23rd March onwards, all players on Footstock can be used in any Footstock Match Tournament that their club is participating in.

3) We added a new Pack with all non EPL players. It contains players from the European Leagues, the Euros and some youth talents. Once all Euros Squads are announced, we’ll release another pack covering only those players.

4) We have announced our plans for the tournaments to be run during Euro 2020, see the Tournament Plan for more information.

Why are you making these changes?

The introduction of additional players and packs will allow us to prepare for the Euros in a seamless way, ensuring that the Footstock feeling continues. This change has also given us the opportunity to add global stars for use in other contests and the youth prospects that our fans have been asking for.

What will happen to our Bronze, Silver and Gold discount coupons?

Existing coupons are applicable for EPL Standard and Premium packs. We will create a new set of coupons and challenges for the Rest of the World packs.

What happens with my outstanding reward coupons that I can use to get a new player (such as an Epic Attacker)?

You will still be able to use these, the only difference will be that you could now get any player that is currently on Footstock from 23rd March onwards. If your preference is to get an EPL player we recommend using your coupon prior to 23rd March.

Is there a difference between the EPL players and Rest of the World players?

Yes, there are three differences – Player Categories, PPG points and Swaps:

Player Categories (star levels)

Since Rest of the World players cannot be ranked via PPG, we will assign categories manually to every player. We will update these players on the first Monday of each month, as we do with the EPL players. We will only make manual adjustments to players who clearly need them due to performance or a change of circumstance.

PPG Points

Given the lack of long term match stats, all players outside of the Premier League will not have PPG points.


You can now swap every card outside of the Premier League. You can receive any available card of the same star level within the Footstock ecosystem.

Will the swap prices remain the same?

Yes, the intention is for the swap price to remain the same for the foreseeable future. To clarify, the prices are as follows:

Will you add additional leagues next season eg Bundesliga?

As the Footstock community grows, it is indeed our plan to expand to other countries and leagues. We are constantly reviewing which players and Tournaments are available on Footstock and we will update the community as and when any plans emerge.

Why did you choose these particular players for the initial batch?

We focused on the key players for the teams in the Quarter Finals of the Champions League and the Europa League whilst also trying to ensure this included players who will potentially play in the Euros. We also included a small batch of some of the best youth prospects that our fans had been requesting.

Which players will you release next?

As per our Schedule, the intention is to release roughly 100 players every week between 13 April and 18 May 2020, ensuring that once the 24 Euro 2020 squads have been confirmed every Euro 2020 player is available to buy. The exact list of players to be released next has not yet been confirmed.

How many players are you adding in total to the Rest of the World pool?

By the start of the Euros we anticipate that we will have added a total of 700 additional players to the 450 Rest of the World players that are currently on Footstock. This is an estimation and we may increase or decrease this number based on our analysis going forward.

I keep getting players in packs that aren’t playing in the Euros, is there something that you can do?

We will introduce “Euro 2020 Only” player packs on the 25 May when we have a better understanding of which players are likely to make up each of the Euro 2020 squads.

If a Euro squad player is replaced will the replacement be added?


What do we do with the Euro players after the Euros?

All these players can be swapped or used in any forthcoming Footstock Tournament where their club/country is participating.

Can we have a Euro section in the collection/market?

Yes, we will introduce ways to help manage the process.

Can we have a new set of rewards catering to Rest of the World players?

Yes, we will introduce these soon.

Does the star category of Rest of the World players impact the star category of EPL players?

No, the Rest of the World player rankings do not have any correlation with the EPL player rankings. If a Rest of the World player signs for a Premier League team a new star category will be assigned to them and this may be different to what they had prior to joining. This is the same if an EPL player becomes a Rest of the World player.

Why isn’t the flagship Euro 2020 Tournament free to enter?

We’ll be giving away £5,000 in our headline contest and every penny of entry money will then be added on top.

How many times can I enter the headline tournament?

As many times as you want. You also have the option to withdraw line ups, the first line up will result in a loss of the entrance fee, any further withdrawals will incur an additional fee.

Will Euro 2020 games have full stats?

Yes, all the Euro 2020 games will use the same stats as we use for the Premier League.