The Footstock MasterDoc

April 22, 2020
Footstock Team


The Footstock MasterDoc

This is the number one place for new users to learn about Footstock. It’s a collection of the best resources available with our suggestion of the order to go through them. If you’re wondering how to play Footstock, or whether Footstock is the platform for you, look no further.

Starting Out

To get things started, take a look at Footstock’s rules. Familiarising yourself with these will give you a solid foundation for future success.

After that, have a listen to Episode 1 of the Official Footstock Podcast, which looks at a new user’s first 20 minutes on Footstock. Don’t worry if this doesn’t all sink in at once: the idea is that this will be reinforced by the articles to come.

Now join the Official Slack Channel. We would suggest that as you go through the reading list you fire any questions you have into the Slack. There is always someone who can help.

Finally, here’s a video tutorial done by Footstock Ambassador John Nellis, which will introduce you to the fundamental elements of the game in under 10 minutes!

Recommended Reading

So now you’ve got a taste of what Footstock is all about, have a read of these specially selected articles. These cover all the areas you need to know:-

1) An overview of Footstock

2) An overview of Fantasy Football

3) An overview of the Footstock order book system

A great guide to savvy trading on the Market

4) Useful information regarding Tournaments

5) An article about the latest Footstock innovation, Virtual Tournaments

6) A good explanation of Stat Roulette

7) This is a great example of how somebody can play Footstock on a small budget

8) This article shows the fun side of Footstock and its community

9) Another way to learn is to see what other managers do. Our Meet the Manager articles look at different people’s strategies for tackling Footstock. For newcomers to the platform, we particularly recommend these:-

a) Callum Lagdon (Great Starter Article)

b) Girty

c) Chris D

d) Jay Frazz

10) Then finally have a look at the future of Footstock (please note this was temporarily put on hold)

General Tips

Below are some great tips for new users from Callum Lagdon, they originally feature in his Meet the Manager article but have since been expanded:-


1) Make sure you read the rules and understand the platform completely before depositing serious money. Maybe play around with very small stakes to try and iron out your mistakes early doors.

2) Join the official Slack community. This has been my biggest help and what I believe to have been the biggest influence in making me money and the biggest factor in my enjoyment of the platform. Everyone is so helpful. Don’t be afraid to ask questions as we have all been there!


1) The packs are great fun, but there’s still a value in looking at the Market. The Market is great for targeting specific players that you’ve identified as good value.

2) Be prepared to get a lot of the price of the pack back in tournament coupons, not just player cards.

3) For every good pack there will be a bad pack, so ride the wave and don’t be too happy/too down if you do/don’t get what you want.


1) Be patient, try not to bid for the highest price or sell for the lowest price. Put in your orders and eventually they will be matched.

2) There are many ways to play the market but I feel like youth players, injured players and out of favour players are all good places to start in the hope their price will rise.

3) Take your time getting to understand the order book system by buying/selling cheap players to get the hang of it.

4) Plan ahead and buy players you feel will be in demand in the coming weeks due to fixtures/returning from injury.


1) Many people see duplicates of players as not being worthwhile but they absolutely are. You can enter them in multiple tournaments and therefore have more chance of winning.

2) Your collection value will vary: try not to worry too much about its day-to-day fluctuations. Remember, if you’re losing more than you can afford, it’s time to stop.


1) To start with, play with extremely cheap players to get the hang of who scores and performs well and who doesn’t.

2) Do not go chasing your losses on the Roulette as you can so easily lose loads of cards really quickly. The amount of people that have tried to track their Roulette success and then given up after a few days is large as, over time, it is extremely difficult to make profit.

3) Never, ever enter expensive players such as Bruno and Trent: it is not worth it and they can very easily lose!


1) Start off by playing the freeroll tournaments to get an understanding of how it works and which players score well.

2) Try and fill your fantasy teams with players that you think will win the game: the points bonus for winning a game is often a big factor in winning tournaments.

3) Check, double check and triple check you are choosing players that are starting. One small slip could cost you the big money!

Master the Stats

There are some general stat sites you can use to cross-refer against the Footstock scoring matrix, including WhoScored and Rotowire.

Another great tip is to search the Tournament section of Footstock and look at past tournaments that have finished (use the filters and select “Only Finished”). Go into the tournaments to check which footballers have done well and how they scored their points.

The best data we have available is from @FootStockStats on the Slack. You can check out what he’s recently put out on his Twitter account. Here’s the most up to date sheet that’s available (All stats, excluding price stats and category, will be correct until live football restarts).

So now you should have a solid Footstock foundation and know what the Slack is all about and how it can help.

At this point we would recommend that you listen to the podcast overview again now that you have some context for it.

If you would like to join the Footstock community on Twitter feel free to follow the Official Footstock account and the FootstockChat account. You can follow the rest of the community by using the Twitter list created by Fantasy Football Community.