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The Footstock £10 Challenge

February 12, 2020


The Footstock £10 Challenge

Trading platforms are often accused of excluding players on smaller budgets. How can you win if you don’t have hundreds – perhaps thousands – to invest initially? Whilst that might be true of some, Footstock is very different.

In The Footstock £10 Challenge, WorldCupDanB profiles the journey of a new Footstock user depositing an average of £10 a week on the platform. The aim? To prove that success on Footstock is within reach regardless of your budget.


It would’ve been easy for me to just stick up a few tweets from Footstock users that describe their low-budget successes. Believe me, there are plenty:

But I can go one better than that. After all, perhaps these guys are the outliers? So I’ve chosen to do a case study on a new Footstock player, depositing an average of £10 a week. How do they get on? Do they lose it all or find Footstock glory? Let’s take a look…

The Gory Details

Name: @FPLGraphics on Twitter
Joined Date: 6 December 2019
Starting Deposit: £10
Starting Cash Bonus: £16.50 – Black Friday. Refer a Friend deal of £15 (now £10) and £1.50 starting cash balance (now £5).
Starting Bonus: Five free players and a Buy One Get One free offer on the first pack bought (both still available)
Reason for joining: I love fantasy football and particularly FPL, which I’ve played for years. I also enjoyed the trading element of Fifa. Footstock just feels like it’s the perfect blend of everything I enjoyed growing up: Match Attax cards, fantasy football, Top Trumps and more. Plus, the welcome bonus is really enticing as well. There’s literally no risk to giving it a try.

The Diary

Day 1 – Day 14

The last two weeks have involved me finding my feet. I bought a Bronze 10 Pack with the BOGOF offer and got a decent set of players: those of note were Abraham, Calvert-Lewin, Azpilacueta and Martial. I have just been playing with all the different elements of the platform: getting used to buying and selling, putting in buy and sell orders etc. I’ve also given the Roulette and Tournaments a try. I’ve made a few mistakes but I’m really enjoying how it’s going so far.

Week 2 – Week 4

Things are starting to make a lot more sense now and I have an idea of where I’m going with my collection. I’ve won a total of £11.40 in Freeroll money, which may not seem like a massive amount, but has covered what I initially put in. This has given me the confidence to deposit some more money.

I’ve also been trying to flip players: putting in buy orders at the lowest amount and then selling the player by putting in a sell order at the highest amount.

Week 4 – Week 6

Right, I’ve really got the taste for things now. I’ve done some more flipping and have also picked up some players that I’m going to keep. Traore and Aguero were picked up at decent prices. I’ve made some good trades, bought Maddison for £15.13 on 9th Jan and sold him for £19.96 on 15th Jan. I also bought Robertson for £11.31 on 12th Jan and sold him for £12.98 on 14th Jan. I’m definitely going to carry on doing this. I’ve also found that the players in the mid-price range get bought and sold quicker.

I’m also really enjoying the Roulette. I’m probably only breaking even on it but it’s great fun and adds an extra dimension to the game.

Week 6 – Week 8

The last 2 weeks have been amazing. I’ve deposited a bit more but my overall value has gone up sharply. I have been hammering the player flips and have really got the hang of it now. I’ve even branched out to some of the paid tournaments. I haven’t had any success and need to learn from my mistakes, but they really make the matches super exciting.

My previous games on the roulette have really paid off and I’ve now won two 32-man contests, winning a TAA in the process. The ongoing promotions that Footstock keep putting in place are brilliant and really add another layer of excitement.

What tips would you give to anyone starting?

I would say definitely start out slow. Take your time to learn the basics before you put loads of money in. Freerolls are your best friend: enter every one of these that you can. Don’t open too many packs or play Roulette too often as this can quickly burn cash (it is very fun, however).


All in all it’s been a great two months, and the best thing is that it has been loads of fun. I’ve deposited £90 and it’s now worth £223. I feel I’m in a really good position to tackle more tournaments and cannot wait to keep trying to build my portfolio of players.


And there we have it: a clear display of how a new starter can develop a winning strategy whilst sticking to a realistic budget.


Dan has been an avid Footstock user and ambassador since the IndieGoGo campaign. Having founded the official Slack group, as well as the popular Twitter handle @FootstockChat, Dan remains one of the most well-informed and engaged Footstock community members out there.