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The February Monster(s)!

January 28, 2021
Footstock Team


The February Monster(s)!

February looks to be a very exciting month as the Premier League race hots up and European competition returns with the knockout stages. To celebrate, we felt it time to have not one, not two, but three Monsters this month!

Here’s what to expect from the February Monsters! 🔥

Changes to Monster qualifiers 🎟️

In the past you entered a qualifier and won a ticket to the next Monster. That was all well and good, but what if you were away for Monster weekend (chance would be a fine thing!), having a baby, or just not keen on the fixtures? Those tickets and your hard work in gaining them goes to waste.

Well, no longer will that be the case. From this point on when you win a Monster ticket it can be used in any future Monster contest. This gives you the ability to #PlayItYourWay and enter the Monster that you fancy….. 🎟️

Tell me about the Monsters… 🕵️

The change detailed above means that not only will we be running a February Premier League Monster as normal, but also celebrate the return of European football with two Euro Monsters during the month 🏆🏆🏆

– Euro Monster 1 will run 16th-18th February with a £5,000 guarantee, covering the first set of Champions League R16 games plus Europa League R32 first legs

– Euro Monster 2 will run 23rd-25th February with a £5,000 guarantee, covering the second set of Champions League R16 games plus Europa League R32 second legs

– The PL February Monster will cover the Premier League Gameweek 26 fixtures 27th Feb-1st March, with a £15,000 guarantee

These will be listed in the Footstock Contests area early next week ⚽

How do I qualify for Monster tickets? 🎟️

All multi-match contests throughout the month act as qualifiers, including freerolls and new user contests. There’s football every day this month made up of Premier League, FA Cup, Champions League, Europa League and virtual fixtures ⚽

Finish top 3 in a contest during that period and you’ll receive a Monster ticket that can be used in any future Monster 🎟️

Any extra prizes? 🕵️

Absolutely, but only if you can break new ground:

Finish first in two of the three February Monsters? Then you’ll receive one of every active Champions League and Europa League player!

Do the impossible and finish first in all three February Monsters? Then you’ll receive one of every active player on the platform!

These incredible prizes will reward an incredible performance. Could you do it? 🧐

Point to note 🗒️

During all qualifying contests, in the event of a tie the ticket will go to the team entered earliest. We reserve the right to only give out three prizes per contest. For example, if two users are joint third in a contest, only one will receive the discounted entry ticket.

Single Player, Two Player, Trio and Monster contests do not count as qualifiers.

Good luck hunting those tickets and taking down those Monsters,

The Footstock Team