The £100k Freeroll Is Here …

August 28, 2020
Footstock Team


The £100k Freeroll Is Here …

Footstock Players,

We are proud to announce that the Footstock £100k Freeroll for the 20/21 season is now live!

With £25k for first place, over £20k in weekly prizes, and a guaranteed 100+ unique winners there’s something for everyone.

Reckon you have what it takes to beat our players and walk away with top spot? Then read on …

How will it work? 🤔

The format has been simplified with some very basic rules to help guide you in building teams:

An 11 man team comprising of 1 GK, 3 Def, 3 Mid, 2 Att, 2 Utility (any position).
No more than 2 players from any Premier League club.
35-star budget.

You can enter as many teams as you like, throughout the season!

What’s up for grabs? 🤑

1st | £25,000
2nd | £10,000
3rd | £5,000
4th | £3,000
5th | £2,000
6th-10th | £1,000
11th-50th | £500
51st-100th | £200

Single gameweek highest score
1st | £5,000
2nd | £3,000
3rd | £2,000

Manager of the week (weeks 1-38) | £250
Bonus for gameweek 1 highest score | £500

The Manager of the Week also receives a Footstock FC football shirt.

Can I win more than one prize?
Each manager is able to win the following:

– One overall prize (1st to 100th). This ensures 100 different managers win a prize from the overall pot!
– One single highest gameweek score prize.
– Unlimited manager of the week prizes.

How does the scoring work? 🕵️

Players score points as per our normal scoring matrix, and make up your team’s score over a gameweek. Your best 6 gameweek scores as a team will make up your overall score.
For example let’s say your team scores as follows in the first 8 weeks:

Gameweek 1 – 233 points
Gameweek 2 – 199 points
Gameweek 3 – 202 points
Gameweek 4 – 350 points
Gameweek 5 – 320 points

Gameweek 6 – 97 points
Gameweek 7 – 150 points
Gameweek 8 – 225 points

Your overall score is the best 6 gameweeks your team has had, so in this case it would be the weeks highlighted in bold added together:

233 + 199 + 202 + 350 + 320 + 225 = 1529 points

This means even teams entered late in the season have a chance at the overall prizes, as it’s only your best 6 gameweeks that count!

Where can I find further info? 🖥️

The full FAQs and game rules can be seen in the tournament entry screen, and also can be accessed here.

Point to note: It won’t be possible to retract teams until 12th September. Any teams entered before that date can be amended, but can’t be retracted.

Over the next couple of weeks there’ll be plenty of content added to help you pick those winning lineups. This will include interviews with the high flyers from last season’s £10k freeroll, plus teams selected by some of our biggest affiliates and partners. You may even see an initial team created by Kammy himself. ⚽

The Footstock Team