Starting out on Footstock

January 15, 2021


Starting out on Footstock

Where to start?

So you’ve joined up to Footstock and are ready to get going. What are the first things you want to look to do to get started? There are a vast array of options and it can seem a bit overwhelming at first, hopefully, this article will help guide you through those first steps. 

Before starting your collection we would recommend familiarising yourself with the various aspects of Footstock and have a think about what you would like to do first. Some users are all about the contests while some just prefer to trade. There is no right or wrong strategy, it’s just about finding what best suits you. 


For the first 60 days on Footstock, you have access to exclusive contests for new users. This is a great way to get used to the contest formats and compete with other users with a similar experience level. 

The Footstock Matrix: Before you start building your collection it’s a good idea to study the Footstock matrix.  This is how players pick up points in contests through certain actions. Have a look at the scoring matrix here

 What contests are there?

1 and 2 player contests – These are probably the easiest contests to start with and are great for new users as they only require 1 or 2 cards to play. Have a look at what fixtures are coming up and think about what players could do well and have a chance of scoring the most points. 

Tip – It’s not always about picking the most obvious player as you are likely to share the prize pool with a lot of others who had the same idea. If you can find a player that not many others have thought of using and they do really well you are onto a big winner.


Freerolls – This is a risk-free way to familiarise yourself with the longer version of the contest format which requires more players to enter. There are often star restrictions in place to stop people from just entering the best and most expensive players.  

Tip – Perhaps have a look at the requirements and plan on what players you might want to use. Player prices tend to go up nearer to the contest as people realise they need certain players so planning in advance is always a good idea.

Bronze, Silver and Gold multi match contests. These are entry-fee contests that are similar to the freerolls in their format but with varying star limit restrictions.

Bronze contests are more new-user friendly because you can only use players that have a maximum of 2 stars, and they have a lower entry fee. Silver contests have star limit restrictions but you can use cards up to the 4 star level. Gold contests have no star limitations.

Bronze, Silver and Gold single match contests. These contests follow a similar format to the multi matches but just cover the one match. As you only have two teams to pick from it’s worth waiting to play these until you have lots of players from the same team.

Now time to start your collection! There are currently three ways to do this. The market, packs or auctions.

The Market

How do I buy and sell players on the market? 

In the market players are traded between users. You will see that there is a buy price on each player. This the lowest price that someone has a card on offer to sell. If you are happy with that price then you can match it and the card is yours. If you want to try and get one a bit cheaper than the buy price you can put in an offer and hope that someone matches it. Do this by clicking on advanced and put the price you are happy with.

When it comes to selling your player it works in much the same way. Either match the highest offer or set the price you want and wait for it to get matched with someone who agrees with your valuation. 

Tip – Our advice would be to look to the market before going to packs or auctions. This way you can get the specific player you want at the price you are happy with as on the Footstock market the users set the price 

Packs – You will see in the shop that there is the option to buy packs. This is where you get a random selection of cards and some contest credit. You can click ‘view details’ on the packs themselves to see the average returns you’ll get. 

Auctions – Footstock has recently introduced auctions. This is where new players are put up to auction and users can win them in a blind auction format. Going forward this will be the way new players are introduced to the platform. Previously new players were introduced in packs but this meant players could be expensive at first as players were in low supply. Now Footstock are able to get the new players out quicker to the people that want to use them for a much more reasonable price. 

What else is there to do on Footstock? 

Virtual contests – Footstock has virtual contests that often run on days when there isn’t any live football. Virtual games are run using the virtual engine with outcomes based on a team and player’s real life statistics. These are worth spending some time reading up on how they work before delving in which you can do here.

Games and Rewards– Both the games suite and rewards are being revamped and aimed to be on the new app during early 2021 so keep an eye out. 

Finally, Our advice is to ask as many questions as you can think of on the Official Footstock Slack. There’s plenty of people happy to answer any questions no matter how big or small. Footstock has a brilliant community of users willing to help others. 

Also read and research as much as you can as it will only help with your enjoyment of the product and increase your chances of success. Footstock’s passionate userbase has provided a wealth of content to help other users on their footstock journey. 


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Ben joined Footstock in May 2020 and has been hooked ever since. As a football nut and former professional poker player, Ben found Footstock was the perfect concoction of his love of sport, stats and competition. He now spends his days dreaming of one day finishing top of the Footstock leaderboard he makes.