Slack Contest – Win a Sancho! (if he signs)

August 7, 2020


Slack Contest – Win a Sancho! (if he signs)

The Virtual Tournaments are back with a bang this weekend as we start with the fifth qualifier to our Virtual Championship.

If you are looking for help on how to get an edge in the Virtual Tournaments then look no further than our dedicated Official Slack Chat: over 1,600 Footstock fans in one place sharing tips and strategy, together with direct access to Footstock staff and customer services.

In fact, what better way to celebrate two of our greatest innovations than to combine them into one mighty competition? We are giving away, to one lucky winner, a player of your choice (fingers crossed it’s Sancho!). But it doesn’t end there – we are also giving away a number of other prizes:

Prize summary

The competitions will run each time there is a Virtual Championship qualifier between 9th and 27th August. Each day, we will create a thread on the competition channel of our Slack asking people to guess the top-scoring player and how many points they will get in the relevant Virtual Tournament. The winner for the day will be whoever chooses the correct player and is closest to getting the number of points scored. In case of a tie, all those who are equally close will receive a ticket. If nobody gets the right player on a given day, the ticket/s will roll over to the next day.

Everybody else who guesses the correct player will gain a point and an entry onto our leaderboard. Whoever gets the most points at the end of the competition will be the overall winner. In the event of a tie, the winner will be the one who made the best ‘top player’s points’ prediction in Virtual Championship qualifier 17. In the unlikely event that a tie remains, the winner will be drawn at random.

So join our Slack community today and go after the prizes. Good luck in bagging that Sancho!


Dan has been an avid Footstock user and ambassador since the IndieGoGo campaign. Having founded the official Slack group, as well as the popular Twitter handle @FootstockChat, Dan remains one of the most well-informed and engaged Footstock community members out there.