Single match tournaments have arrived!

July 6, 2020
Footstock Team


Single match tournaments have arrived!

Footstock Players,

Starting with tonight’s Spurs v Everton match, we’ll be running single match tournaments alongside our regular multi-game offerings 💪

Our single match tournaments were hugely popular pre-Covid, and we’ll be running them for every Premier League game through to Gameweek 37. After that, we’ll review how popular they’ve been and make any necessary changes over the summer.

As many of you will already know, we’ve had to change how single game tournaments work. We simply have too many active users now to use the previous format, which would’ve resulted in too many duplicate team entries.

**IMPORTANT: You’ll need to ensure your Footstock app is updated to access the single match tournament tab**

Single Match Simplicity 😌

There’s a new ‘single match’ tab in the Tournaments area. Here you’ll find single match tournaments at beginner, amateur and pro levels 🔥

Enter a team as you normally would in a multi-match tournament. The team can be changed right up to kick-off, giving you the chance to check lineups for any rested/injured players 👀

At kick-off, the tournament will be split into groups of around 20 users. You’ll then be able to see which users you’re taking on. Here’s an example:

– You enter the Spurs vs Everton pro single match tournament for £20.
– At kick-off there have been 100 entries. These entries are split into five ‘mini-tournaments’, with 20 users in each one.
– You then see the mini-tournament you’ve been placed in, and play for the £400 pot (20 users paying £20 each to enter).

The mini-tournaments will take a little while to create once kick-off occurs. Enter the tournament lobby five minutes after kick-off to see the action unfold. Hopefully ending in you emerging victorious! 💪

FAQs 🙋

Q: Why are the tournaments split into ‘mini-tournaments’?

A: With just 22 starting players to pick from, duplicate line-ups would be inevitable with the current tournament entry numbers. Splitting them into mini-tournaments makes duplicates far less likely.

Q: Can I spend my tournament credit on single match tournaments?

A: Yes.

Q: Do I have to pick at least one player from each team?

A: Yes. We want to minimise duplicate line-ups, which means you’ll have to pick a minimum of one player from each team competing.

Q: Can I only see my mini-tournament?

A: Yes. To keep things simple you will only be able to view mini-tournaments you’re entered in. If you haven’t entered any single match tournaments at kick-off you’ll only be able to see the overall number of entrants and the overall prize pot.

Q: Why won’t there be any single match tournaments in GW38?

A: With every GW38 match kicking off at the same time, and our Footstock World Championship expected to attract a large number of entrants, we feel it best to just run our multi-game tournaments on that day.

Q: Am I able to amend my lineups?

A: Yes, right up to kick-off!

Q: How many places will be paid?

A: Prize breakdowns are exactly the same as our normal multi-match tournaments

Q: How many times can I enter?

A: Each single match tournament can only be entered once. This simple approach has allowed us to get single match tournaments in place for this season, but we’ll review whether to allow multiple entries over the break in Premier League action in August.

Like we’ve said, these single match tournaments start tonight with Spurs vs Everton. You know what to do 👊

The Footstock Team

p.s. remember to ensure those Footstock apps are updated!