Return to Real Football Tournaments – Points to Remember

June 15, 2020
Footstock Team


Return to Real Football Tournaments – Points to Remember

It’s almost here! We’ve had great fun with the virtual tournaments, but on Wednesday, 17th June, the Premier League returns! And, of course, so do our real football tournaments.

A large number of you out there joined during the COVID-19 break, and so have only really known our virtual offering. With that in mind, here’s a handy list of ways real tournaments will differ from the virtuals. For those who’ve been with us since pre-coronavirus days, it also serves as a timely reminder of ‘how things used to be’:

No starter tags ⚽

The ‘starter’ tag we apply to players for virtual tournaments is solely for virtuals. In real football it’s up to you to scout the line-ups and select the right players, just as you would on any other fantasy platform.

Line-up lock 🔒

You can adjust your line-ups up to the first kick-off in a multi-game tournament. This gives you time to see the first game’s team sheets and make any changes needed, but for the later games you won’t be able to make changes. We will look to introduce a substitute/late swap solution over the summer, but for the remainder of this season the team you have when the first whistle blows is the one you keep.

Win points 🏆

In real football tournaments, win points are added at the end of the game, generally around 5 minutes after the final whistle. This can cause seismic shifts on leaderboards, so make sure those win points are locked in before you start celebrating! This is also something we’ll look to improve over the summer, potentially aligning with virtuals, where win points are added and taken away in real time.

Tournament scoring 🏁

The tournaments update in real time as they do with virtuals, normally on a slight delay as with any fantasy platform. However, there can be changes made after the final whistle for contentious decisions on award of goals, VAR controversies, etc. Our scores will lock, and not be changed, one hour after the final whistle of each game.

Data provider 📊

Our data provider’s decision is final on all scoring matters. With any fantasy platform and data provider there are always debatable events. To ensure consistency as far as possible, we always go with our data provider’s final verdict.

Tournament issues ❌

We do reserve the right to suspend tournaments if there are any technical issues which would potentially go past the one-hour mark mentioned above. This would be rectified and correctly paid out as soon as possible.

PPG and star categories ⭐

PPG averages update following each match a player plays in. Star categories update on the first Monday of each month.

£10k freeroll 💷

We have relisted the £10k freeroll this week, and updated the rules. We’ll allow entries up to gameweek 34, as all teams entered to that point have a chance of creating a winning ‘best 5 gameweeks’ score. There’s also the ‘Manager of the Week’ to go after. We’ve added a pop-up to ensure anyone entering is aware their players will be locked until the end of the season.

We can’t wait to get going again! See you on Wednesday for when #RealFootball Returns!