Quick Read: Fantasy Football

April 20, 2020


Quick Read: Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football is a game which involves selecting a pool of footballers who will score you points based on their real-life, in-game actions.

Actions such as scoring a goal and creating an assist together with a defender getting a clean sheet are given a points value, and you choose your team of players based on who you think will score you the most points.

Arguably the foundation of Fantasy Football is the Fantasy Premier League (FPL) game ran by the official Premier League website. It has been running for over 15 years and was played last season by over 7 million people worldwide.

Participants pick a squad of 15 players who earn them points each week throughout the season with the aim of being at the top of the leaderboard at the end.

The season long contests are often described as a marathon. They require a strong sense of commitment and a lot of people do not make it to the end, especially if they miss a week or don’t get off to a good start.

To resolve this problem a new format was created, one where the contests take place over just a small number of games and last a shorter period of time (usually a day or a weekend). This format is known worldwide under its collective term: Daily Fantasy Sport (DFS) and encapsulates many US-based sports such American Football, Basketball, Golf and Baseball.

The ability to create a fresh team each week is extremely liberating, particularly when compared to the grind of the season long format. You get a new lease of life after every set of fixtures.

DFS goes hand in hand with gambling. The short turnaround gives entrants the option to pay-to-play, and find out if you have won within days – or even hours.

Footstock is the latest evolution in the Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) and Football Trading sector. It is disrupting the industry with rake-free contests tied to player trading, which creates loyalty to a product like never seen before.

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