Player Statuses and New Players

June 26, 2020
Footstock Team


Player Statuses and New Players

Footstock Players,

There will be hundreds of Premier League player moves over the next few months. Here’s the lowdown on how we’ll handle them to ensure active/inactive statuses remain as accurate as possible.

Changes to player statuses will only be made once we have official confirmation from the data provider or a club statement.

We’ll endeavour to update all statuses within 7 days of the following:

– An existing player returns to their Premier League parent club from a loan, signs for a Premier league club, or is promoted (once season over) back to the Premier League (inactive-active)

– An existing player leaves the Premier League due to a loan ending, a transfer, relegation (once season over), or retirement (active-inactive)

Please note: the 7-day window can’t be guaranteed due to the ongoing complexity of a Covid-impacted Football landscape. We will not compensate for any trading decisions relating to player statuses.

New Players Making a Squad 💪

From now on any new player that makes a first team matchday squad will be added to the platform within 7 days. This is already underway with six new players added in the last week 🔥

For the 2020/21 season, this will include a Premier League team’s matchday squad for the Premier League, FA Cup, Carabao Cup, Champions League and Europa league.

We envisage this will be the main way youth prospects are added to the platform going forward. As soon as that youngster raved about in the youth ranks makes the first team matchday squad, we’ll get him added.

Introducing the New Player Pack 👀

A new pack containing the most recent c.200 players added to the platform will be created following the Championship Playoff final 🎉

This is currently expected to be introduced on 5th August 2020 🗓️

The pack is expected to include the following:

– Players promoted from the Championship e.g. West Brom players
– Players who’ve been recently added having made a Premier League squad e.g. Max Thompson
– Any players transferred into the league e.g. Hakim Ziyech
– Any youth players we feel should be added due to popular demand e.g. Jayden Braaf

Users will be able to see a list of which players are available in the pack. This list will be constantly updated as new players join, and players who’ve been on the platform for the longest will drop out of the most recent c.200.

Changes to Tournament Structures 🥇

In the Pro and Amateur multi-game tournaments, it will no longer be possible to pick a full lineup from a single Premier League team. Users will need to pick from at least two teams, as an example:

In the Pro tournament 9 players need to be selected. From now on only 8 of those players can come from a single Premier league club.

This is an important step to reduce the potential for mass duplicate lineups as our userbase and tournament entry numbers continue to climb.

Roulette Charges and Rake 🎲

Throughout the Covid period we’ve made tournament roulette free to play.

Now football has returned we will be re-introducing roulette tournament fees and rake from Monday 29th June. This is an important feature for Footstock, both as a revenue stream and as a mechanism to keep a lid on the number of cards in circulation 🛠️

However, to ensure you can keep enjoying the roulette tournaments, we’ve cut the fee by 80%. Here are the details:

2 and 4 man roulette tournaments – a 2p fee per entry (previously 10p)
8 man roulette tournaments – one card rake
16 man roulette tournaments – two card rake
32 man roulette tournaments – four card rake

Rake explained: If you win an 8 man roulette tournament you’ll receive seven of the cards entered, one card will be retained by Footstock. Please note, we will never rake the highest value card entered into the tournament or the winner’s own card.

Single-Match Tournaments 🏆

We know plenty of you loved to build tournament lineups for single games, mainly due to the fact you can avoid Pep roulette! These are currently being built in their new format and will be made live within the next couple of weeks 👊

A Quick Player Status FAQ 🙋

Q: Why not just introduce new players into existing packs?
A: New players are being added to their own pack to ensure they’re easy for users to get hold of without having to buy countless amounts of packs. It also avoids the potential scenario of mass pack buying to try and find a new player, which would lead to the market being flooded with existing player cards.

Q: Can you clarify the policy on youth prospects going forward
A: We still want to be the platform that adds youth quickly for traders to profit from them long term. Any youth player making a first team matchday squad will be added within 7 days. In addition to this we’ll manually add any youth in serious demand into the new player packs from time to time.

Q: How much will the new player packs cost?
A: This will be worked out over the next month ready for the launch on 5th August.

Q: How will we know when a player drops in/out of the new player pack?
A: The players available will be listed in the app and kept automatically up to date.

If you have any further questions, feel free to email

Have a great weekend!

The Footstock Team

p.s. our co-founder, Till Weischer, appears on today’s Official Footstock Podcast to answer your burning questions. Got a spare 30 minutes? Give it a listen!