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Player Auctions Are Here!!!

October 13, 2020
Footstock Team


Player Auctions Are Here!!!

Auctions are currently only available on the iOS and web browser versions of Footstock, with android support expected any day now. You’ll need to update your app too.

This sheet will be kept up to date with future auctions.

Footstock Players,

Welcome to the future! Ever dreamt of seeing Neymar, Mbappe and co. on Footstock? We certainly have, and today marks the start of European players being added via our super new player auctions πŸ’ͺ

Here’s the full lowdown on what’s happening.

Let the games begin…

Introducing European players… πŸ†

From today we’ll start to add players from outside the Premier League via player auctions, a major step in the evolution of Footstock. The very first auction gets underway at 3pm ⏲️

Players from clubs in the Champions League and Europa League will become part of the Footstock landscape, allowing you to use them in European contests all season long.

Starting with matchday one of the Champions League group stages, you’ll be able to use both Premier League and non-Premier League players in our contests πŸ’ͺ

How will auctions work? 🧐

European players will be added via player auctions. They won’t be available via packs, swaps or rewards.

Auctions can be found on our iOS app and Mobile Web home screens from 3pm today. The Mobile Web page can be accessed on your phone’s browser via: They’ll also be available via the updated Android app within the next week – we’re awaiting approval from Google.

There’s two types of auctions to get involved in:

  • 1- and 2-star players will be added via ‘speed auctions

1-star player auctions will run 6am-12pm
2-star player auctions will run 12pm-6pm
In these auctions you have a 6hr slot to bid on the players you want!

  • 3-, 4- and 5-star players will be added via 24hr ‘premium auctions‘ πŸ₯‡

These will have varying timeslots in order of star category, so a 3-star like Quincy Promes would run 3pm-3pm, whereas a 5-star Neymar would run 9pm-9pm

Each auction will tell you:

  • Who’s up for grabs βœ”οΈ
  • How many cards are being auctioned βœ”οΈ
  • The minimum bid amount (‘reserve price’) βœ”οΈ
  • How many bids you can make βœ”οΈ

Full details on the auction process can be found in the FAQs below.

Getting started ⚽

Initially we want to make sure whenever a Premier League team is in action in Europe, both them and their opponents are available to select in contests.

Therefore initially we’ll focus our auctions on teams playing against Premier League clubs in week one of European competition. This means over the next week we’ll be adding key players from the following teams:

Ajax πŸ‡³πŸ‡±
Porto πŸ‡΅πŸ‡Ή
PSG πŸ‡«πŸ‡·
Sevilla πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ
Rapid Wien πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ή
Zorya Luhansk πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦

We’ll then turn our attention to English teams’ opponents on EL/CL week 2, then week 3.

From week 4 of European competition we’ll be in a position to offer contests featuring not only the English team’s game, but also the other game in their group! 😎

Time to celebrate πŸ₯³

European football returns on 20th October, and we couldn’t be more excited!

That’s why as a special one-off we’ve created a Β£10 entry contest with a Β£10,000 guarantee! It’s live on the site right now!

The contest covers all the English league clubs in Champions League / Europa League action next week. You’ll also be able to use players from their opponents, so make those auction bids wisely! πŸŽ“

For full details on auctions please read the FAQs below. Game rules and Footstock t&c’s will be updated to reflect the changes announced today.

Happy bidding!

FAQs – all you need to know 🧠

Q: Can I have an example of the auction process?
A: Let’s take the example of Leandro Paredes, a 1-star player for PSG. He’s being auctioned from 12pm to 6pm. From 12pm he’ll appear in the ‘active auctions’ section. The auction shows the number of cards being auctioned (100), the minimum bid ‘reserve price’ (50p), and how many bids you can make (5). You decide to place bids of Β£1, Β£2 and Β£3. At 6pm the auction concludes and Footstock identify the highest 100 bids made. Your Β£2 and Β£3 bids are in the top 100, so you receive two Paredes player cards for a total cost of Β£5 (Β£2+Β£3 successful bids).

Q: When is money taken?
A: No funds are taken until a successful bid is confirmed at the auction conclusion. To get the player card you must have sufficient funds at the auction finish time.

Q: What happens if bids are equal?
A: When bids are equal, the bid placed earlier will take precedence.

Q: What if I don’t have the funds to pay for my bid?
A: If a winning bid can’t be completed due to insufficient funds, it will be voided and replaced by the next highest bid.

Q: How much will I pay for my player?
A: In blind auctions you pay what you bid. So if there’s 100 Neymars up for sale, you bid Β£30, and you’re one of the top 100 bids, you pay Β£30.

Q: Will I be able to see other users’ bids?
A: Not during the auction, these are ‘blind’ auctions to ensure fairness and avoid an Ebay-style last minute penny war! We want to make sure you don’t need to be constantly online to snag players. Once an auction has concluded you’ll be able to see all successful bids: useful info to take into future auctions.

Q: What happens if there’s no demand for a player?
A: If a player isn’t wanted (e.g. if a player has 100 cards auctioned but only receives 77 bids), then the remaining 23 would simply go ‘unsold’. We expect some players will see little demand, but initially want to give people the option to own all likely starters in European competition.

Q: How many European player cards will be auctioned?
A: European players will have an initial target card volume of 600. This will be the maximum number of cards auctioned per player up to the end of 2020. We’ll look to auction between 100-300 of each player before their first European match, dependant on how much demand we expect. Note – We do reserve the right to amend the target card volume number should the userbase expand rapidly.

Q: How are reserve prices determined?
A: Reserve prices have been calculated to encourage demand, whilst ensuring we don’t sell superstars for pennies! Target card volumes, expected active users in European contests, and calibre of the player/team have all been factored in.

Q: How will the existing Premier League market be impacted?
A: It won’t! We are sticking to our principle that the Premier League is our core competition, and keeping European players separate. European players will be visible in collections and the market via filters, the default view will continue to be Premier League only (note: these filters will be delivered within two weeks, initially all players will show). European players will not appear in rewards, packs or swaps, and won’t be usable in roulette or virtual battles. They will have no PPG stats, and they’ll have their star category managed manually, therefore having no impact on Premier League star categories. Keeping the two card types separate allows you to ‘play your way’ – either focusing solely on the Premier League or expanding your horizons into European players and contests. We may even see some ‘European specialists’ who only focus on Champions League and Europa League contests!

Q: Will addition of European players impact Premier League prices?
A: We don’t expect any significant impact on Premier League pricing for several reasons. The Premier League cards will retain all existing utility in contests, mini-games etc. – if anything some now hold more value as the European contests get more and more users playing them. We are bringing in European players in a slow, phased approach, with a low target card volume. Low reserve prices help ensure reasonable pricing on European cards, and given European cards can only be used in at most a handful of games per month, Premier League players should retain higher pricing.

Q: What happens with existing inactive players who’re in the CL/EL this season e.g. Felipe Anderson at Porto?
A: In these cases we’ll look at the card volume, and take one of two options:

1) If a player is over the 600 target card volume for CL/EL players, like a Felipe Anderson, they’ll be made active at the same time as their teammates are auctioned, but no new cards will be added.

2) If a player is under the 600 target card volume they’ll be auctioned up to 600 alongside their team mates, to ensure people can own them for CL/EL contests. For example if there are 550 Ander Herrera cards in the market, we’ll auction another 50 to take him to the target card volume.

Q: How can I see upcoming auctions?
A: We’ll look to post and keep updated an auction schedule on the Footstock blog this week. Keep an eye out for it! Once the initial busy period of auctioning players is over we’ll list upcoming auctions on the app – this will start from November.

Q: Which games can European players be used in?
A: Due to the tight timescales and desire to introduce European players slowly, initial use will be as follows:

– CL/EL group stages weeks 1&2 – Premier League teams and their opponents only.
– CL/EL group stages weeks 3-6 – Both games from groups that include a Premier League team.
– CL/EL knockout rounds – all fixtures will be included in contests.

Q: Can European players go ‘inactive’?
A: This will work in the same way as with Premier League players. Once a player is confirmed to not be in the following season’s European competitions, due to a transfer or his team not qualifying, he will be made inactive. Once inactive, a European player will have 30 days to be swapped for contest credit, the amount for which is TBC and will reflect their lesser utility. Note: next summer a player may remain active due to participation in Euro 2021.