Our Premier League Plans

June 9, 2020
Footstock Team


Our Premier League Plans

Footstock Players,

When the Premier League was put on hiatus in March, we promised the show would go on.

Since then, the active users on the platform have increased 8-fold. We’ve launched two major new features, hosted tens of thousands of free Roulette Tournaments, paid out hundreds of thousands in Virtual Tournament winnings and hired six new members of staff.

Whilst many aspects of Footstock have transformed, one thing will always remain the same: we were built for real football.

Here are our plans for the return of the Premier League.

Net Market Spend Bonus 📈

Between 00:01 on Monday 15th June and 23:59 on Thursday 18th June 2020, we’re giving you back 10% of your net market spend in tournament credit.

For example, if you buy £1,000.00 worth of players from the market and sell £500.00 worth of players between 15th – 18th, you’ll have amassed a net market spend of £500, earning you £50 of tournament credit. Each user can earn up to a maximum of £500 in bonus tournament credit.

64-man Roulette 🎲

You wanted it, you’ve got it.

Between 15th – 18th June, we’ll be running daily 64-man Roulette tournaments 🔥

To make things even spicier, Footstock will be throwing in a player each day too. We’ll even let you choose which one via a daily Twitter poll.

Return of the £10k Freeroll 💸

The £10k season-long freeroll be will be restored, running until the end of the season.

New users who want to get involved will be able to do so until the end of Gameweek 34. Remember, any players you choose will be locked into the tournament for the remainder of the season.

We’ll also continue to give away a football shirt of the winner’s choice to every team-of-the-week too.

The First Ever Hakim Ziyech Card ⚽

Who wants it?

We’re giving away the first ever Ziyech card on Footstock in a competition on Twitter on Monday 15th June. One of you has to win him.

Single-Match Tournaments 🏆

Single-match fantasy tournaments (tournaments based on just one fixture) will return, but not as you know them. With the increased participation in our fantasy contests, duplicate teams are virtually a guarantee in single-match tournaments. We don’t want that.

To combat this, we’re going to be grouping entrants into smaller tournaments of about 20 users each. This will limit the chances of duplicate teams, making the whole single-match experience far more exciting.

You’ll be able to spend your tournament balance on these, and we won’t be charging a rake 👊

This format won’t be ready for the first match of the Premier League’s return, but it’s coming soon.

The Footstock World Championship 💰

We’ve got some big plans for the final day of the season. Firstly, we’ll be hosting the inaugural Footstock World Championship.

Entry to the World Championship is £100, but you can win a seat at the table by winning any multi-match Beginner/Amateur/Pro tournament between now and Gameweek 38 (not including virtuals).

The rake-free prize money will be comprised of £100 for every user who has won a ticket (covered by us), the entry fees from anyone who buys a ticket, plus an extra £2,500 contributed by Footstock. We’ll also be hosting a live-stream with blow-by-blow commentary as the action unfolds.

If that wasn’t enough, we’ll be hosting a £2,500 Footstock Freeroll on the final day of the season too. Who’s in?

The Virtuals Will Continue 💪

We’ve always hated dull moments at Footstock.

From now until the end of the season, we’ll be hosting Virtual Fantasy Tournaments on every day where there’s no real football on.

Why? Because we can 😎

The 2020/21 £100,000 Freeroll 🤯

No, it’s not a typo.

Next season we’re guaranteeing a £100,000 freeroll. No entry fees. No strings. Just £100,000 up for grabs. You all deserve it.

We’ll reveal more on this ahead of the new season.

If you thought Footstock was fun during the Premier League’s hiatus, you’ve seen nothing yet.

As always, thanks for your support.

The Footstock Team

p.s. Fans of Footstock Hero rejoice: that’s returning too. Want to find out more? Join the #footstockhero chat on the Official Footstock Slack.

p.p.s. this Friday our new Head of Product, Tom, will join James to discuss the short, medium and long-term future of Footstock on the Official Footstock Podcast. Don’t miss it!