Oliver’s November Update

November 5, 2020
Footstock Team


Oliver’s November Update

Dear Players,

With another lockdown now underway, it’s a tough situation across the world. In these difficult times, it’s important we focus on the positives! Myself and the whole team at Footstock are committed to delivering an amazing product that thrives with and learns from its growing community, despite these terrible times!

Here’s an update on how Footstock will evolve for the rest of the year 💪

Footstock 2020 Facts 📖

– We have increased our team size from 3 to 13 full time employees.
– The Footstock market capitalization (value of all existing cards) is close to £5,000,000.
– Close to 500,000 individual contest entries have been made so far.
– The average ‘last sale price’ of the top 30 Footstock players is £26.59, an increase of 232% compared to early March 2020 📈
– More than £2,000,000 has been paid out as winnings.
– The average spread of the top 30 cards (difference between current buy and sell prices) is currently below 4% 💪
– More than 99% of all active players have a sell price ♻️
– We understand being able to access your money is crucial in these times, 98% of our users’ withdrawals are approved within 24hrs, many of them reaching customer accounts on the same day! 💨

Product Pipeline 📈

We’re conscious as always that, although we believe strongly in our product, there are further improvements to be made.

Our Footstock 2.0 app has taken the product to a new level visually, and we’re constantly working to ensure the functionality matches its beauty. Many of you will have seen the revised contest entry ‘pitch view’, based on your feedback, that has made entering contests easier than ever before! ✔️

There’s still work to be done to ensure that whether you’re using our new apps, mobile web, or desktop, the features are aligned and accessible to all. It’s one of our most important focus points, and is laid out here to ensure every one of you knows what’s coming and when ⌛

Looks good, tell me more…🕵️

Onboarding Tutorial – Onboarding new users is essential for our growth. A tutorial guides new users through player purchasing, contest entry and the excitement of winning a contest. Introductions and contest commentary are provided by the exuberant Chris Kamara. Completing the tutorial provides the user with a welcome gift, and has been very successful thus far as an initial glimpse of the Footstock fun! 👨‍🏫

Virtuals Animation 1.0 – Very soon you’ll be able to watch our virtual match simulations in the new apps, with a further enhanced (visually as well as functionally) version coming shortly after. 🤖

New user contests – New users within their first 60 days on the platform will be able to enter this new weekly freeroll. 🆕

Deal of the Day – The feature you know and love, with special offers and promotional days coming soon! 🤝

Card Purchase Price Info – You’ll be able to get a clear idea of prices you paid for cards to aid future trading decisions. 📊

2.0 Desktop Launch – Our sleek new desktop platform, launching and updated with the same Footstock 2.0 functions you find in our new apps. 💻

Rewards 2.0 – For me one of the most important topics to work on. It’s going to bring a huge enhancement to our current offering, with everything one can wish for – streak rewards, completely new challenges, monthly challenges and much more. 🎁

Credit swaps – Swaps for contest credit added before the start of the January transfer window, with additional data to ensure you know when that swap clock is ticking on your inactive players! ⏲️

But what about the games? 🕵️

You got me! Roulette Tournaments, Virtual Battles and the late Stat Roulette have provided great excitement and a lot of fun for many of you. However, we feel we haven’t nailed these games like the rest of the platform and they did not provide a long term & sustainable fun factor for our users. The proof is in the pudding here: only a tiny percentage of our active users regularly play them. We strive for better, and therefore have decided to take a bit more time to bring them back in the new app.

But that’s not the end of the gaming world, far from it! We have learned a lot, gathered tonnes of feedback and there are many exciting ideas floating around our Slack! So rest assured, not much time will pass by in 2021 until we have some new, more exciting and engaging games. No doubt you might have heard the name Stat Clash from somewhere…

Anything else Oliver? 🕵️

Substitutes ♻️ – We’re very aware this is a hot topic in the community. In our recent October survey the results showed views are definitely divided on this topic, and the vast majority of users greatly enjoy our contests as they are today. As a result we intend to revisit the development of a sub option in early 2021, but for now the focus is squarely on creating and aligning the features discussed above.

We’ll continue to ensure contests are set up in a way that allows you to ‘play your way’ – attack contests with known lineups, research and enter contests where lineups are less certain, or do both!

Auctions – We’ve been thrilled with the response to our European player auctions so far, the team did a brilliant job in creating a simple and robust system with which to add new players to the platform.

For the next few weeks auctions will be relatively quiet. We’ll run around three per day focusing on those players already added who have demand (you bought them!), that have only had 100-200 cards auctioned during October.
Look out for new players and teams being added from December as we head towards the European knockout stages, and then onto Euro 2021!

Introductions…. 👋

The team continues to grow, during Q4 we’ve added:

– Lukas, backend developer who’ll work with our tech lead to ensure we hit the product pipeline set out above.
– Dawid, frontend/app developer who’s hit the ground running and is doing fantastic work on our new desktop platform.
– Rob, who’ll join us full time this month to greatly enhance our affiliate and social media workstreams.

We’re also working with an industry-renowned Game Economist, who has over 20 years experience. He’ll help us to build on and optimise our fantastic new card circulation strategies.

Keep your eyes peeled on socials for competitions, blogs and new Footstock podcast episodes every week. This week James will be interviewing the winner of our October Monster contest, who scooped over £3.5k with a single free entry! 🎁 🗞️ 🎙️

Oh, and just wait to see what we have in store this December 🎅

Good luck!