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October Monster + Product Update 👹 🛠️

September 23, 2020
Footstock Team


October Monster + Product Update 👹 🛠️

Footstock Players,
From October we’ll be running a signature contest each and every month, evolving the format as our user base continues to grow. Let us introduce you to this month’s mega contest, the October Monster …

The October Monster is here!👹

The Monster itself will run over the last weekend of October, covering Premier League Gameweek 7. October will be all about qualification, with over 250 free entries to be won! 🎟️

How do I qualify?
All multi-match contests between 1st and 29th October act as qualifiers, including freerolls. There’s 25 matchdays during the month made up of Premier League, Champions League, Europa League, and virtual fixtures.

Finish first, second or third in a contest during that period and you’ll receive an October Monster free entry ticket.

Tell me about the Monster …
The Monster itself is £30 to enter with a maximum of 5 entries, and has a £10,000 guarantee! 🤑

Teams of 11 players will be required with a 28-star limit, ensuring all budgets have a shot at glory. 🏆

Alongside the cash prizes, the top 10 finishers will also win a Footstock FC shirt, with places 11th-20th receiving a Footstock T-shirt! 👕

Points to note

  • During all qualifying contests, any ties will be settled by a random draw. We reserve the right to only give out three prizes per contest. For example, if two users are joint third in a contest, only one will receive the free entry ticket.
  • New ‘single player’ and ‘two player’ contests will not count as qualifying contests

Good luck hunting down those Monster tickets! 👹

Player card and roulette changes

As part of our ongoing mission to keep the product simple for new users, we’re making some changes to player cards. 🗂️

Currently, player cards show the stats that count towards PPG via our scoring matrix, and also peripheral stats such as ‘touches’ and ‘last man tackle’. These peripheral stats are only used in roulette or even not at all, and do not have any impact on our fantasy football contests.

Therefore, to keep the platform tidy and simple we are removing all peripheral stats as of today. These stats will also be removed from roulette algorithms. Roulette will now solely be based on stats that form part of our scoring matrix, which can be viewed here. 🔧

Upcoming …

There’s plenty to keep you entertained over the coming month. Here’s a breakdown of upcoming football both real and virtual. A great variety to allow our users to play it their way:

23rd/24th – Carabao Round 3 🏆
25th – Virtual Friday 🤖
26th-28th – Premier League GW3 ⚽
29th-31st – Carabao Cup Round 4 🏆

1st Carabao Cup Round 4 🏆
2nd Virtuals 🤖
3rd-4th Premier League GW4 ⚽
5th-16th Virtuals and 3× England game competitions 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
17th-19th Premier League GW5 ⚽
20th-21st Champions League group stages 🌍
22nd Europa League group stages 🌍
24th-26th Premier League GW6 ⚽
27th-28th Champions League group stages 🌍
29th Europa League group stages 🌍
31st Premier League GW7 & The October Monster ⚽

Keep your eyes peeled on socials too for competitions, blogs and new Footstock podcast episodes every week! 🎁 🗞️ 🎙