News and Updates from Footstock

June 5, 2020
Footstock Team


News and Updates from Footstock

Footstock Players,

As always, we’ve been working hard to listen to your feedback and improve your experience on the platform as much as we possibly can.

Here are our planned updates 👊

Your Collection Value is Changing 📈

From Monday 8th June we’ll be changing the way we calculate your collection value. Rather than the last buy price, we’ll be using the mid-market price (the amount between the sell price and the buy price) instead. So, if Rashford’s sell price is £90 and his buy price is £100, he’ll contribute £95 to your collection value.

We’re doing this for a few reasons:

Firstly, we want to align ourselves to other financial markets, many of whom use the mid-market price as their key indicator. Most news outlets use the mid-market price to list stock prices too.

Secondly, we want to reduce the volatility of your collection value by introducing a more balanced and representative measure of player value.

Please note: in the rare instances in which a player’s spread between the sell price and the buy price is more than three times his sell price, we’ll use his last card deal to determine his value.

Roulette Tweaks 🎲

It’ll come as no surprise to most of you that we’re tweaking the player vs Footstock Roulette. With the market’s growth over the last few months, it’ll soon be time to adjust the chances of success on Roulette accordingly. Here’s how the changes will look:

1) Different player positions will soon cost different amounts to use on Roulette. We’ll reveal the specifics of these changes next week.

2) You’ll only be able to win players within a range of 1* above or 2*s below the player you’re wagering. That means if you’re wagering a 3* player, you’ll be able to win 1*, 2*, 3* and 4* players.

3) The baseline price of Roulette spins will be more dynamic, based on our monitoring of market activity.

Whilst we don’t want to completely negate the edge that a good Roulette player might enjoy over the house, we want to ensure that the potential returns on Roulette align with our goal of maintaining a healthy Footstock ecosystem ✨

Coupons Become Credits 💳

We’re saying goodbye to tournament coupons and hello to a separate Tournament Balance for every user instead.

Soon you won’t be able to win tournament coupons in packs. Instead, you’ll win Tournament Credit, which will go straight into your Tournament Balance. If you have money in your Tournament Balance, any paid-entry tournaments you enter will be automatically paid for from that.

This will give you loads more flexibility when it comes to deciding how you want to allocate your tournament rewards. It’ll also make it much easier to see how much you have available to spend on tournament entries 🔥

Oh, and of course, your existing reams of tournament coupons will all be added to your Tournament Balance when we make the switch 👊

The Return of the Premier League 👀

You might not have heard, but the Premier League is set to return on 17th June 🎉

We’ve got an exciting plan to celebrate the return which we’ll be unveiling next week. Watch this space.

New Footstock Signing 📄

We’re really delighted to announce that Tom Mitcham has joined Footstock as our new Head of Product. Tom brings 15 years of project and product management at a FTSE100 company to Footstock. Perhaps more importantly, he’s also got 25 years of fantasy football experience under his belt too 😉

He’ll oversee much of Footstock’s future plans, and will join James on next week’s Official Footstock Podcast to discuss some of these plans in more detail 🚀

Full transparency: Tom was an enthusiastic Footstock user prior to coming aboard, but he no longer holds a Footstock collection. His entries have also been removed from the £10k freeroll. With that said, he’ll still remain an active and engaged community member.

£7,000 Giveaway 🤑

Don’t forget, you’ve still got time to put yourself in the running for £7,000 worth of freeroll prize money over the weekend.

We kick things off with a £2,000 freeroll on Saturday, followed by a massive £5,000 on Sunday. Get those teams in.

Thanks for your continued support and good luck in this weekend’s freerolls!

The Footstock team

p.s. If you haven’t already noticed, we’ve banned the use of emojis from Footstock usernames. No more confusing ⭐’s on tournament leaderboards.

If that’s not listening to our community and responding accordingly, we don’t know what is.