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Monthly Market Update: June

June 30, 2020


Monthly Market Update: June

To paraphrase Ronan Keating: ‘Footstock is a rollercoaster, just gotta ride it’

After seeing huge gains in market prices throughout April and May, the June prices have seen a drop across the board, though it’s worth noting that even at the current level, prices are still considerably higher than they were at the end of April.

Before taking a look at the movement within the top 30 players on the platform, there’s a couple of key factors which have, in my opinion, contributed to the current dip in prices:

Market Drivers

End of static PPG – throughout the period of no real football, player points per game (PPG) remained static, which meant that player performances in the virtual tournaments had an element of predictability about them. Players such as Samatta, Maupay, Sarr and Almiron were consistently scoring well in virtual games, which led to prices increasing as people stocked up on them for virtual tournaments.

New member drop-off – with such a large growth in members on the platform in a short space of time, there was always going to be a proportion of them that decided it wasn’t for them after trying it out. I feel this has been amplified by some people signing up thinking Footstock was a place to make a quick return after seeing the huge increase in prices previously. When they realised the platform isn’t necessarily geared towards a constant rise in prices, they’ve taken the decision to sell up, which has led to prices dropping. This drop has then led to some other users panic selling, which has only resulted in further drops in price.

Category Changes

Again, with there being no changes to PPG scores during May, it meant that the category changes were minimal at the start of June.

There was just the one change, which came in the Legendary category, with Scott McTominay getting his five minutes of fame in the top tier at the expense of Kevin De Bruyne, and no players moving between Epic and Rare.

Obviously the return of football will mean we’ll see a lot more movement between categories in next month’s update.

Price Movements

I’ve again had a look at the three different card prices available for the top 30 to see what changes there have been compared to previous months.

One thing worth noting is that since the April piece, the market has become a lot more fluid, which means the prices are shifting on an hourly basis, sometimes significantly. With that in mind, the prices below are only as a guide to give an indication of the growth in the value of the top 30 as a whole.

(All values correct as of 29th June a.m.)

‘Sell This Card’ Prices

‘Buy This Card’ Prices

‘Last Card Deal’ Prices

Top 30 Totals & Averages Monthly Comparison

Granted, the last month hasn’t been the best of times for people who have bought in a lot at the top end with the hope of seeing a positive return. A purchase of one each of the top 30 at the top buy price of £1,367.93 on 18th May, which is when the previous figures were from, followed by a sale at today’s listed sell price of £1,051.24, would have meant a loss of £316.69. Though that’s not taking into account any winnings from tournaments those cards may have generated, which is often overlooked when people have solely focused on their Collection Value.

If you look at today’s prices in comparison with those from the beginning of March, the price increases are still phenomenal – up between 343% and 382%, depending on which of the three figures you look at. Obviously this is no consolation to someone who has signed up recently, but it helps to give some perspective on where prices have come from.

Current Trading Opportunities

As with last month, I’ve also taken a look at the top 5 options of the current Epic and Legendary cards when it comes to trading.

Top 5

With just one trade of each player at those prices, you’d have made £33.92. So even with a dip in prices on the market, savvy users can still make profit whilst trading – even more so if trades are based around tournament price rises/falls.

With the return of real football, the launch of the partnership and the announcement of the £100k freeroll, it’s going to be an interesting month on Footstock as people get used to the nuances between virtual and real tournaments and start preparing their collections for next season.

Remember, Footstock is a gambling product. Profits are not guaranteed.


A member since launch, FPLGreenArrow was initially more of a lurker, though eventually caught the Footstock bug big time. He can regularly be seen finishing just outside the money in tournaments!