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Monthly Market Movement: April 2020

April 23, 2020


Monthly Market Movement: April 2020

Last month I took a look at different ways of assessing Collection Value, based on the top 30 players on the market, as well as other ways cards can be deemed to be more valuable than just the price displayed. I’ve followed up on that to take a look at how the top 30 players have changed, both from a personnel and a pricing point of view.

With all football currently on a break due to the current global situation, it’s meant a complete lack of tournaments being available on Footstock throughout most of March. While there was definitely a slight dip in the market immediately after the suspension of games, the recovery and subsequent rise at the end of March and into the first part of April has been nothing short exceptional.

This can be attributed to 3 key things:

Value in the market – after the initial dip in player prices, many Footstock members used this as an opportunity to build up their Collections by picking up some bargains from the market. As the increased activity continued, prices started to recover.

Free roulette – shortly after all matches were stopped, it was announced that all forms of Roulette were free to enter and Footstock removed their usual card rake from the winner’s pool. Not only has this meant there has been a constant buzz of activity on the platform, but it’s also meant that there have been major increases in price for a lot of the players that regularly feature in Roulette Tournaments as members stock up.

Virtual tournaments – perhaps the biggest factor in the overall market’s surge, the launch of Virtual Tournaments has been extremely well received. The opportunity to fully utilise player cards again has brought an increased worth to all areas of the market and Footstock members, both new and old, have been hoovering up cards to prepare for the Virtual Tournaments. This has led to many people seeing increases of 20-30% or more in their displayed Collection Value just in the couple of weeks following the announcement of Virtuals.

We’ll see exactly how much of a difference the last 6-7 weeks have made below…

Category Changes

With the monthly category changes being impacted by the lack of football throughout most of March, we haven’t seen quite as much movement between categories as usual. There were only two player movements in/out of the Legendary category, with Allan Saint-Maximin & Richarlison replacing Harry Kane & Gabriel Jesus in the top tier.

The Epic category saw 6 players move up and 5 players move down: the manual change of Bruno Fernandes means there are 26 Epic cards at the moment instead of the usual 25.

Moved up to Epic – Bruno Fernandes, Willian, Jordan Ayew, Miguel Almiron, Nicolas Pepe & Vicente Guaita

Moved down to Rare – Alisson, Heung-Min Son, John Fleck, Gerard Deulofeu & James Ward-Prowse

Price Movements

The focus in last month’s piece was to look at the Sell/Buy/Last Sale prices for players in the top 30 to determine alternative ways of putting a numerical figure on Collection Value. We can now look at those same figures again to see how the top 30’s value has changed over the last month.

N.B. – Nick Pope is the only Epic card not to be included, due to Bruno Fernandes being manually adjusted to create an extra Epic card, it takes Pope just outside the top 30.

(All values correct as of 22nd April PM)

‘Sell This Card’ Prices

‘Buy This Card’ Prices

‘Last Card Deal’ Prices

Top 30 Totals & Averages Monthly Comparison

No matter which overall combined price you look at across the top 30, they’ve increased in value by at least 50% and that’s not even taking into account the market dip in between the two dates.

Looking at the worst case scenario from the figures, if you had purchased the top 30 on 3rd March for the top end Buy Price of £249.35, you could still have made £82.75 by selling them at the lowest Sell Price of £332.10 on 23rd April.

Compare this to the opposite end of the scale and if you managed to get all of the top 30 at the Sell Price of £217.67 in March and then sold them for the current Buy Price of £387.92, you’d be looking at a profit of £170.25 or an ROI of 78.21% – not bad for 7 weeks with almost no football being played.

Current Trading Opportunities

While the above figures highlight how much the market has grown in a relatively short timeframe, there are some fantastic opportunities for buy low/sell high trading across the top 30 with large differences between the Buy & Sell Prices.

Top 5

With those top 5 options, if you managed to buy one of each at the lowest price and sell them again at the highest price, you’d have made £30.31. Rinse and repeat a few times and you’re looking at a tidy balance starting to accumulate to either reinvest in the market or pay for your tournament entries.

That’s not to say there are big opportunities for trading across all of the top 30 at the moment though: there’s also 5 players with less than 50p difference between the two prices – Pope, Ayew, Martial, Firmino and Mahrez.

On the whole, it’s exciting times as a Footstock member at the moment. Market booming to one side, the introduction of the virtual games has given some welcome respite to the lack of actual football. With the platform making improvements and adding new features on a regular basis, time will only tell how much the market moves in the coming months!

Remember, Footstock is gambling product. Profits are not guaranteed.


A member since launch, FPLGreenArrow was initially more of a lurker, though eventually caught the Footstock bug big time. He can regularly be seen finishing just outside the money in tournaments!