Meet The Manager

Meet the Manager: Jay Frazz

February 13, 2020


Meet the Manager: Jay Frazz

In the Meet the Manager series, we profile some of Footstock’s most active managers. Today’s manager under the spotlight is Jay Frazz (FI_Scientist on Twitter).

1) What’s your name?

Jay Frazz may be the name that a few people know me as, but James Fraser is my real name. On Twitter you might know me by my handle, FI_Scientist (@jayfrazz) and on Footstock I’m Jayfrazz8.

2) How long have you been on Footstock, how did you hear about it and what is your Footstock-related background?

I started my Footstock Journey back when it launched in April 2019, after hearing about the upcoming launch through the FI Slack platform.

Mail-order team selection

Going back 25 years (yes, I feel old saying that) is where my love of FPL started! Football gaming has been in my life for a long time and, thinking back, it all started with a fantasy game you used to play by post.

As crazy as it sounds now, mail-based communication for team submission, transfers and match reports was actually the way it was done back then. People even used to phone each other up to arrange transfers. Complete strangers negotiating on the price of their players.

Unfortunately, I was one of those people who would submit a team, and then after a few months forget to transfer out my Dumitrescu or Raducioiu – after they decided that the Premier League wasn’t for them – and let my team descend into mid-table mediocrity.

Dumitrescu – the thorn in the 90s FPL manager’s side.

Buy low, sell high

For the past 7 or 8 years, I have been heavily involved in FPL again. This is mostly thanks to a competitive workplace, which drives me to keep it updated and keep on top of player/match data.

However, I would say that my understanding and approach was quite two dimensional in comparison to where Footstock requires me to be.

In parallel, I’m into my 3rd year trading on Football Index – which has helped me to develop an understanding about how important a scoring matrix can (and should) be in making decisions as to transfers and weekly tournaments.

Outside of football, throughout my 20’s I spent a lot of time investing in the Financial Markets, with relatively low level profitability. Again, I enjoyed the challenge of the simple philosophy of buying low, selling high.

From all of the above, FPL, FI & Footstock are the 3 that I am now focussed on – with varying percentages of my time assigned to them depending on platform circumstance.

I don’t gamble through traditional bookies any more. It just doesn’t hold anywhere near the appeal of Footstock & FI for me!

3) What is your portfolio size?

When signing up through Indiegogo, I purchased the ‘Catch ‘em All’ perk – around £1,100 at the time I think – and bought a few more perks for discounted credits for the Go-Live.

In total – up to the end of January 2020 – I have deposited £2,000, withdrawn £0 and Collection value + Cash equates to £4,250.

4) What is your portfolio structure?

From the start, my aim was to build a significant collection that had potential for dramatic growth. I think I have somewhere between 7,000 and 8,000 cards. I don’t know the exact structure, however, as many were purchased at the lower end of the market.

I currently have 125 Epic + Legendary cards, so the others are all 1*, 2* or 3*.

My biggest hold is, somehow, Victor Wanyama. I have 101 Wanyamas. I know.

I do remember picking up an insanely high number of Victors during some serious swapping sessions!

My second (and hopefully more sensible) biggest holding is Morgan Gibbs-White (78). Unlike Wanyama, I’ve been purposefully stocking up on MGW since seeing him play a few times for Wolves. I think he could make it – but definitely a longer-term hold.

5) What is your Footstock strategy?

When I joined the platform, I was focussed predominantly on trading. With that said, I still entered the Freerolls to get the hang of the tournament process. That gave me an understanding of not only who the ‘best’ players were, but how to get the right balance across multiple tournaments with player selection.

Need a hand with your Tournament strategy? We’ve got you covered.

At first, I only had 2 or 3 of the same player, so had to play smarter. After getting the hang of things, I started to enter the Beginner and Amateur tournaments with a relatively decent success level. I constantly experimented with differing selections, going for goalies when clean sheets were apparently obvious, and strikers when goals were plentiful. This didn’t work. Surprisingly, my forecasting of match outcomes wasn’t hugely successful, so instead I focused more on the scoring matrix and likelihood to deliver a points haul that could challenge for a cash place.

This was much better for me, and I quickly realised that it wasn’t always the most expensive players who were getting me the best points return. I’ve won money in 45 tournaments so far – and would guess that I’ve probably entered 3x that many… with 21 of those wins being in Freerolls.

Going forwards, my focus is on continuing to buy those matrix-friendly players who are currently out-of-form, and patiently wait for them to realise that they can, in fact, play decent football again! Simple, but hopefully effective.

6) What do you like about Footstock?

The Footstock platform is unique. Its multi-faceted functionality gives something different to everyone who tries it. I spent a lot of time on Roulette when I first started, but moved my attention to focus on trading.

Footstock has a great long term grasp for users, bringing in lots of young players who may, or may not, make it. But the appeal is the journey of whether or not they do progress; seeing them make their debuts, score their first goals etc.

I like that the market gives you the opportunity to potentially buy a player for what you think he is worth, rather than a dictated price. The background Order Books work really well and enable longer term planning in building up a portfolio, without adding complexity for newer users.

Also, I have to call out the Footstock community here. They are the critical add-on for the Platform, which has been simply outstanding. Their support during some challenging times kept me engaged when my enthusiasm was wavering – and they are such a welcoming and enthusiastic group, who want the best for the platform and want it to grow with their ambitions. Don’t underestimate the power of positivity and how an engaged community can support users during tougher times!

This was epitomised by the congratulations received from the community on my Transfer Deadline card win! An awesome surprise to win Fernandes and Bergwijn!

I have spoken to friends about Footstock – a couple of which have signed up – and definitely compare it to them using FPL, whilst having layers of depth to trade and Roulette if that interests them.

My aim for Footstock is for my young players to blossom and keep the investment reinvested into the next prospects. If I continue to reinvest in the right prospects, then my success rate needs to be approx. 1 in 3 to create a decent profit.

7) Which players do you presently think are the best value and why?

Great question! Well I’m not going to say Wanyama, obviously!

I think Martinelli has a big future ahead of him so I can see him making it up towards the top of the Footstock player charts in the next 12-18 months. He’s not cheap, (around £4) but I think he’ll be worth it. Also, I think Tielemans will pick up again. He’s out of form at the moment, but his ability is unquestionable and I think Leicester, as a club, have a lot more to show. Youri is a key player to their success.

From a capital appreciation point of view, I think Loftus-Cheek is excellent value currently. On return from injury, I think he can challenge to be at least Rare. At £1.50 (ish), he’s well priced.

Fraser at Bournemouth is also very well priced now. He seems to have sorted out the attitude issues that have seen him plummet in form over the past few months. He’s around £1.20, and can easily double/treble if he finds form again this season.

Finally, Guendouzi is someone who again has been in and out of the first team and his price has suffered. At £0.80, for me, he is someone who can easily increase with a few more games under his belt.

8) What advice would you give a new trader?

Ok, so, depending on budget of course, I would always advise to diversify. I wouldn’t recommend significant investment in the Legendary players right now though. Having paid £52.50 for a Salah when I first started, I learned the hard way that I needed to understand the market and not to be so impulsive with purchases.

Buy players who can get you an entry into the Freerolls/Beginner Tournaments at first. So look at upcoming fixtures and see which teams to buy players for, and what category and position to go for.

Read the rules. For example, an awareness that reclassification happens on the first Monday of each month – and what drives those changes – is really important. Know the game intimately.

I haven’t done the research, but I imagine a Rare player is more sought after than a Common. So buying a Rare player at the end of the month, only for him to drop into the Common grouping, may see your purchased player’s value drop.

9) What has been your best/favourite roulette win or swap?

Best roulette win – for sure – was winning Hazard with a Pereira! I remember that moment very well.

I’ve done over 2,500 swaps, so have had a few great ones – and lots of ‘not so great’ ones. My favourites are definitely Tammy Abraham and Hudson-Odoi. Very profitable!

10) What are you most looking forward to about Footstock?

Footstock have done remarkably well to evolve so quickly over the past year – especially taking user feedback into consideration.

They are far from the finished article, but I take this as a positive. With so many options to explore, and the expansion of tournaments into Euro2020, it’s an incredibly exciting time for the platform.

I would like to see the FS team ramp up the marketing for the platform to increase user base, especially as you can see how all of the new users provide insights into how to improve the platform.


Dan has been an avid Footstock user and ambassador since the IndieGoGo campaign. Having founded the official Slack group, as well as the popular Twitter handle @FootstockChat, Dan remains one of the most well-informed and engaged Footstock community members out there.