Meet The Manager

Meet the Manager: goat

June 4, 2020


Meet the Manager: goat

In the Footstock Meet the Manager series, we profile some of the platform’s most active managers. Today’s manager under the spotlight is known round these parts as ‘goat’.

1) What is your name?

My Twitter handle is @lacs1986 and my Footstock handle is goat.

2) How long have you been on Footstock, how did you hear about it and what is your Footstock-related background?

I joined Footstock when the crowdfunding was happening, just to the tune of a few £100. I first heard about it on the Football Index timeline when a few accounts where mentioning it so I thought I’d give it a try (hoping it could be the next FI).

In terms of my background, I’ve played FPL and newspaper dream teams for years (to a poor standard). I then joined FI in April 2018, and as I say, Footstock when it launched about a year later.

I love to have a bet on anything and everything, football and horse racing especially. Vegas is my favourite place in the world. I love casinos, slots, poker, roulette, craps – nothing beats the buzz of a win. Some might say I’m a degenerate gambler, but I couldn’t care less!

Oh, and I’ve been playing Top Trumps since I was 3 – 30 years of dedication is now starting to pay off! 😉💰

3) What is your collection size?

My collection value and cash balance combined currently stand at around the 4k mark, all of which is profit.

4) What is your collection structure?

I’d say my collection is based around having a good assortment of cards to enter across the three levels of tournaments. As things stand, I currently have at least one of all the 4* and 5* cards with the exception of Bruno, and a few of these cards I have two of.

Beyond that, I have at least three of every 3* card. It used to be a lot more until I sold up my roulette collection recently. I always planned to do so before football returned, but did it a bit earlier than planned after a very bad run. I have no real idea of the quantities of my 1* and 2* cards.

My biggest holds currently are Jack Wilshere x97, all bought between 25 and 30p. I’m basically taking a punt on him being able to stay fit, in which case he could easily be a 3* card and a good roulette player.

I have 27 Jordan Ibe – we won’t talk about that, I’m not quite sure what I was thinking! 🙈

Finally I have 17 Pablo Mari and Alex Iwobi, both players who again I think can easily become 3* cards.

5) What is your strategy?

My strategy is to try and make money from tournaments from now on, having made some money from roulette and sales previously.

I have attempted to trade on a few occasions when I thought players had peaked – it was very unsuccessful. Here’s an excerpt of my list from early May.

I think I’ve said before that I’m treating Footstock a bit like starting up a burger van business – my collection is the van and I’m not overly concerned about any depreciation (obviously I don’t want it to end up being worth nothing), as long as my van/collection is making money from selling burgers/winning tournaments, then I’ll be happy. Obviously, along the way I’m expecting to have to invest/re-invest some money to freshen up my stock.

I also think there will be plenty of money to be made from trading cards, and from roulette for those that spend the time working out the best cards when football is back.

6) What do you like about Footstock?

The best thing for me is that it offers something to do 24/7 now that we have virtual battles and roulette. But then, at the same time, if they don’t interest you, you can simply play the main virtual or real tournaments (when football is back) or trade.

I’ve seen what FI has done and is doing, and that’s one of the main things that makes me positive about what Footstock can achieve. It’s barely touched the available market of FPL, FIFA, FI and gambling people in the UK.

My plan on Footstock is to make as much money as possible from an amount I’m happy to have in it. At present that amount is 4k, and I want to make 25% a year from tournaments. Hopefully I can manage that.

As long as I’m making some money I’ll keep at it and keep trying to improve. If I’m losing money then I’ll have to re-evaluate and come up with another strategy.

So far, the best finishes I have managed are 5th in a Beginner tournament and 7th in a Sunday Pro – top 3 in a Pro is the dream before football returns.

7) Which players do you presently think are the best value and why?

As I said earlier, I own 97 Jack Wilshere cards and if everything goes to plan I think he’ll bring me the most profit in percentage terms.
Beyond that, I think Rashford (3 cards held), Alexander-Arnold (1), Traore (1) and Richarlison (2) will return me the most money through their contributions in tournaments.

8) What advice would you give a new trader?

The main piece of advice I’d give is to not play roulette until you understand how it works.

Other than that just the obvious: watch the videos and guides that are about, sign up to the Official Footstock Slack Chat, and don’t be afraid to ask if you’re unsure about anything. There are plenty of good accounts out there that are more than willing to help.

Start with the Beginner tournaments and freerolls – don’t just force teams into the Amateur and Pro tournaments if you don’t have the cards you want to use.

9) What has been your best/favourite roulette win or swap?

My favourite so far was N’Golo Kante winning me a Bruno Fernandes on stat roulette. Also, the day I wrote this I just had my first ever 15/15 wins on stat roulette.

10) What are you most looking forward to about Footstock?

I’m mainly looking forward to football returning, as tournament wins should be a lot more about the skill of picking good teams, whereas now there’s a lot more luck required.

I also can’t wait for the transfer window – new cards appearing will be very interesting. Jadon Sancho to be the first £500 card is my prediction!

Please always gamble responsibly and never bet more than you can afford to lose.


Dan has been an avid Footstock user and ambassador since the IndieGoGo campaign. Having founded the official Slack group, as well as the popular Twitter handle @FootstockChat, Dan remains one of the most well-informed and engaged Footstock community members out there.