Meet The Manager

Meet the Manager: CL

March 12, 2020


Meet the Manager: CL

In the Meet the Manager series, we profile some of Footstock’s most active managers. Today’s manager under the spotlight is newcomer CL.

What is your name?

My Twitter handle is @FImad8 and I am also on the Footstock Slack Chat where my initials are CL.

How long have you been on Footstock, how did you hear about it and what is your Footstock related background?

Technically I have been on Footstock since the start of December, but after not really understanding the product I had a break for a few months before returning at the start of February. I heard about Footstock through lots of Football Index Twitter accounts who mentioned the product so thought I would give it a go.

I have been on FI for about a year and have dabbled in FPL but nothing major. I’m normally miles behind after the first month so I can’t remember the last time I finished a season!

I used to love a bet on the football and horse racing before I realised it’s a mugs game. There’s a reason why you never see a poor bookie!

What is your portfolio size?

I currently have deposited £750 on to the platform. My collection worth is stated as £542.00, but realistically if I looked to sell up I could easily get back £600 plus. I also try and keep a £100 cash balance to enter mainly the amateur tournaments until I find my feet and can deposit larger amounts.

So yes, realistically I am currently down on my initial deposits, but I have made LOTS of mistakes which I have now learn’t from. I’ll go into detail on these later on.

What is your porfolio structure?

I own 342 cards in my collection currently. I hold a lot of players that I feel have a very positive future in the game and who will substantially rise in price over the coming seasons. For example, I own 20 Troy Parrotts!

I tend to only hold 1 or 2 cards of the premium holds. That’s because I look to build my collection to cover as many players as possible. My portfolio structure is currently very mixed: I hold all types of players from all teams as I want to be able to enter as many tournaments as possible with as many different teams without having to panic buy on the market.

What’s your strategy?

My main adopted strategy at the current time is to target tournament wins to be able to make larger returns on my investments. I mainly attack the amateur tournaments and fill my teams up with players who I feel are more likely to win the game.

I don’t really want to sell any of my players at the moment as I genuinely feel that every single player is undervalued, so I want to hold as many players as I can. In the future, I can see my strategy changing overtime, but right now I am focused on building my collection to own as many players as possible.

What do you like about Footstock?

I feel like Footstock gives you a fantastic mix between Fifa Ultimate Team, FPL and trading. Opening packs gives you a real buzz and it adds an extra dimension to watching a game live on TV with the tournaments. The roulettes also provide that chance to win a whole host of cards for very little.

I am extremely positive about the future of the platform as I can see there is so much growth to be had. The amount of new users is increasing each month, the communication is excellent from all at Footstock and the community is the best I have experienced. I have asked so many questions which have all had extremely helpful replies and help new users learn and understand the platform. I really hope to make a lot of money on Footstock, but it also provides a very large enjoyment factor regardless of the money. Each month I am going to deposit more and more money as I believe a lot in the product.

Which players do you presently think are the best value and why?

I could mention pretty much any player on the platform (bar Bruno Fernandes, but I understand why his price is so high at the moment) as I think when we look back at the prices in a year’s time we will be shocked at how cheap all of the players are currently. However, here are my 5 top picks currently.

1) David Brooks. Has not played at all this year but I rate him on a par with James Maddison. He was superb last year for Bournemouth and I can easily see him getting a big move in the near future and thus a big price rise when he returns to action.

2) Giovani Lo Celso. As a spurs fan with not a lot to shout about at the moment, Lo Celso oozes class. I cannot wait to see him playing behind Harry Kane and Son Heung-Min next season. I think he has the potential to be up there with the league’s best.

3) Billy Gilmour. Gilmour has provided 2 MOTM performances in his latest starts against Liverpool and Everton. At 18 years-old he is only going one way and could be an example of a player that has a high base score in tournaments.

4) Ruben Loftus-Cheek. If he can stay injury free he is unreal: an absolute powerhouse. At around £1.73, his price could easily double if not triple when he gets a sustained run in the side.

5) Troy Parrott. We all know how terrible spurs currently are and with the injuries we have, Mourinho is going to have no option but to give the lad some more minutes. He has such a bright future in the game, and with Kane’s future uncertain, who knows what could happen next year.

What advice would you give a new trader?

I have made so many mistakes on Footstock to date and the main reason for me wanting to write this article was to answer this question to try and help new users, so here it goes.

When I first joined the platform, I didn’t really have a clue what I was doing. I failed to read the rules, I didn’t really do any research and I just dived straight in. This proved to be a big mistake.

I deposited £250 and spent pretty much all of it on packs to try and give myself a wide range of players to enter into the tournaments. In the space of 30 minutes, my £250 had turned into a collection worth £130 and I really couldn’t understand why. My main thought was “what a load of rubbish” and it really put me off the platform.

My next mistake was on the Roulette. I found myself putting my premium players into the Roulette, as I thought surely the most expensive players would beat all of the cheaper players, right? How wrong I was! I first put my Vardy into the Roulette, only to be beaten by Kenny Mclean of Norwich. I then went down the route of trying to win back the player’s worth, so decided to enter Son-Heung Min. After a couple of wins I thought great, only to be beaten by Issa Diop of West Ham. This was enough to put me off the platform completely. I sold all of my players for a cheap price, and in a space of just under an hour, I had lost £200.

Two months later I heard the Irish FI’s podcast had been sponsored by Footstock which pushed me to give the platform another go. This time, I was a lot more successful and now I understand why. Therefore, my main tips for newcomers are below.

Read the rules. Make sure you understand the platform completely before depositing serious money. Maybe play around with very small stakes to try and iron out your mistakes early doors.

Join the Slack community. This has been my biggest help and what I believe to have been the biggest influence in making me money and the biggest factor in my enjoyment of the platform. Everyone is so helpful. Don’t be afraid to ask questions as we have all been there!

Enter the Roulette with very, very cheap players to start to see which players score highly. Do not assume that the more expensive players will win on the Roulette. Players like Fred and Propper are the players to be using.

Enter all of the free Tournaments. Get a feel of which players score well in tournaments before entering the paid tournaments.

Be patient in the market. Do not buy at the initial price available but put in smaller orders and wait for these to be accepted. It’s a great way of making small amounts of profit very quickly! Equally, do not sell at low prices unless you really need the money.

Plan ahead. Look at teams with easy fixtures and purchase at low prices. Use the market to buy players rather than packs! I believe that eventually the packs will become great value but right now the player prices are so low you should be aiming to take advantage of the market.

There are so many more so feel free to message me and I am very willing to help.

What has been your best/favourite roulette win or swap?

I won a 16-man Roulette with Oxlade Chamberlain which was great, but in all honesty I haven’t really had any massive roulette wins. It isn’t a major part of strategy at this current moment in time.

What are you most looking forward to about Footstock?

The change in packs has already made me excited for what the future holds. I am excited to see their plans for the Euros and I cannot wait to see more users. We are all sitting on a goldmine in my personal opinion with so much room for growth in the platform. I look forward to having the pre-season to properly prepare my collection for the new season and attacking all tournaments and trading head on. The future is very exciting and is a must for any football fan.


Dan has been an avid Footstock user and ambassador since the IndieGoGo campaign. Having founded the official Slack group, as well as the popular Twitter handle @FootstockChat, Dan remains one of the most well-informed and engaged Footstock community members out there.