Meet The Manager

Meet the Manager: Betty

May 28, 2020


Meet the Manager: Betty

In the Footstock Meet the Manager series, we profile some of the platform’s most active managers. Today’s manager under the spotlight is an avid supporter of Footstock on Twitter, Betty.

1) What is your name?

Beata, but everyone calls me Betty and I like it! 😀

2) How long have you been on Footstock, how did you hear about it and what is your Footstock-related background?

Hmm, I don’t remember to be honest, a few months, but I’ve known about it since it was created. My boyfriend invested in them when they were crowdfunding at the beginning. I saw Tilmann’s message and I thought “this guy loves football and he looks like a guy who you can trust.” I liked him straight away! I have been on Football Index for ages – both accounts opened thanks to my boyfriend, who told me I needed to have them. We both love football, so he is very lucky that we can watch all the games together and talk about it. I am not really into regular betting – I will put a few bets on here and there, but just for fun.

3) What is your collection size?

I don’t like to talk about money, but my collection is a decent size – not as big as some others, not as small as some others!

4) What is your collection structure?

It is quite spread out I would say. I try to have almost every player, and I do have almost every player! I tend to have more strikers and midfielders I think.

5) What is your strategy?

I am here to invest money, so I am not selling. Once I have a footballer, he will stay there, unless I think he is useless and it is time to sell! I am not interested in short-term investment. As some people probably know, I do love tournaments! Again, for fun and excitement, I will do a virtual battle from time to time when I have some free time with nothing else to do.

6) What do you like about Footstock?

As I mentioned above, I did like Tilmann from the start, he seemed like a trustworthy guy. In addition to the investment side, it is good fun, and it is not like conventional gambling, which I am not a fan of. I like the positive feel it has about it, I like the way players help each other, for example on the Official Footstock Slack Chat, and I like the fact that the people behind Footstock are trying to make it better every day. I wish them all the best, and as I said, I am here for the long term, and to have some fun, too!

7) Which players do you presently think are the best value and why?

I seriously don’t know – everyone is obsessed with Bruno, ha ha! I hope Marcus Rashford will continue to rise – he is young and a very good player. Personally, I would like Harry Kane to fly, as he is one of my favourite football players.

8) What advice would you give a new trader?

It’s hard to say – it depends what their expectations are, how much they want to invest, what their strategy is … Obviously, it is key to research the platform and players first, and then invest.

9) What has been your best/favourite roulette win or swap?

I hardly play roulette. I’ve played it a few times, but I don’t like to risk my players!

10) What are you most looking forward to about Footstock?

Everything! I am sure they have lots of ideas! Of course, I can’t wait until real football starts again – that will be even more enjoyable. It would be great to add other leagues, and I am sure that will be done in the future. It is all exciting and I can’t wait to see what’s coming!


Dan has been an avid Footstock user and ambassador since the IndieGoGo campaign. Having founded the official Slack group, as well as the popular Twitter handle @FootstockChat, Dan remains one of the most well-informed and engaged Footstock community members out there.