Holly’s Footstock Diary | Part 4

April 24, 2020


Holly’s Footstock Diary | Part 4

I want to start off by saying what an incredible job Footstock have done with their virtual tournaments. It’s captured the imagination of existing users during the boredom of lockdown and, quite rightly, the wider fantasy sports market have started to pay attention too.

That’s resulted in us existing users seeing our collection values grow and I’m proud to have tipped over the landmark £1,000: having made some mistakes in the early days of my Footstock career, I’m now very definitely in profit!

Dipping my toes in virtual tournaments

I say that I’ve dipped my toes into the virtual tournaments but I must admit it’s been more like a full on dive. I’ve entered every single tournament going. I guess you could say I’ve been reserved by largely going for single entries, but it’s only been a case of a lack of depth in my collection that has prevented multiple entries.

I guess the downside of the scheduling for me, with a maximum of five fixtures seen in any given tournament to date, is that the pool of players has been much smaller to choose from than in a real gameweek with ten fixtures that we are accustomed to seeing. That’s something I’m looking to address over the next month.

Bruno yet to fire

I felt well equipped with three Bruno Fernandes cards, only for him to blank in his first show: a 1-0 defeat at home to Wolves. He’s since repaid the faith with an assist in a 3-2 away defeat to West Ham, with those midweek tournaments yet to reach a conclusion at the time of writing. Surely it will be third time lucky for Manchester United in their next fixture?

Having studied some early results in the virtual tournaments, there is a correlation between points per game (PPG) and virtual outcomes. Looking through my collection, there are some huge gaps in those players with the biggest PPG right now.

Of the top 20 rated players in terms of PPG from the 4 and 5 star Footstock offerings, I’m without Rashford, Saint-Maximin, Richarlison, Kane, Jota and Fred. Real life long-term injuries to Rashford and Kane meant that they weren’t pressing issues in my collection before the virtuals emerged. I currently own 20 of the cards featuring in this top 20, but with only around half available for any given pro tournament, and five of them duplicates, I certainly feel behind when trying to mix with the big boys.

Starting to see success

So how have my virtual tournament entries fared so far? Well, with the number of freerolls on offer, and a stack of tournament entry discount coupons from too many pack openings, I’ve not physically spent a lot of cash entering.

Opening weekend saw a £4 win in the £500 Happy Birthday Footstock: backing Southampton, Everton and Sheffield United for wins here paid off. I followed that up with a result in the Midweek Virtual Freeroll: £2.40 for finishing in 13th place, by backing Wolves to beat Manchester United away.

My best return came last weekend in the Weekend Tail Amateurs, with 13th place securing £11.69: Brighton beat Burnley with goals for my strikers Maupay and Webster and Spurs secured a draw against Manchester City at home.

I splashed out on two entries into the Footstock Aces last weekend too. I frustratingly finished four places off the cash payouts, with my blend of Manchester City and Liverpool players. My other entry, which backed Sheffield United against Everton looked promising for the first 16 minutes of virtual action, sitting in second place, but Richarlison quickly put paid to that!

I’m excited to continue playing these virtual tournaments and my focus for the next few weeks is to add more of the 4 and 5 star players to my collection who rank highly in terms of points per game!

Holly is the brains behind, one of the most popular FPL advice resources out there. Joining Footstock in January 2020, she uses her fantasy expertise to hunt for hidden bargains and tournament-winning differentials.