Holly’s Footstock Diary | Part 3 (Virtuals)

April 17, 2020


Holly’s Footstock Diary | Part 3 (Virtuals)

With the virtual tournaments finally here, I’ve spent the last few days preparing diligently for this unlikely return of football action. Footstock have been teasing this arrival for a while, and it hasn’t disappointed. The interface is so slick, with the standings updating in real-time: I am impressed and hungry for more.

Winning the pack lottery

I’d had a quiet spell on Footstock, with action on the roulette not really landing in my favour, but when news dropped that the virtuals were coming on Easter weekend, it was time to prepare.

With £100 deposited in my account, obviously the sensible thing to do was drive a hard bargain in the market. But where’s the fun in that? Especially when there’s a 40% EPL Exclusive Pack Discount coupon lurking in my rewards. Admittedly, I had been even more sceptical about the value of these high priced packs.

But I had an ulterior motive.

I had purchased Bruno on the market a few weeks ago, but still craved the thrill of unlocking him in a pack. The probabilities had turned against my favour, with his rating suitably upgraded from Rare to Epic. The chances of him coming out in a Standard or Premium pack were next to none, especially given that he had eluded me at his previous 3 star rating.

So, I took the plunge, used my 40% coupon and crossed my fingers that this would be my time… Wow.

I couldn’t believe it. First card. Bruno. Yes. BRUNO! The legend. I was thrilled. In that fleeting moment, seeing Bruno Fernandes drawn as the first card felt like what could be comparable to a lottery win. Quite frankly, at this point I didn’t really care what followed in the remaining nine cards and discount coupons. I’d just lucked out on the most valuable card in the entirety of Footstock on the first spin.

Norwood, Lennon, Ake and Mata followed. It was a bit of a blur if I’m honest: I’d just got Bruno. But then, out popped Trent Alexander-Arnold – the second most valuable card on the market. What are the chances? I was buzzing – Alisson, Deulofeu, Aurier and McArthur followed, with the value of this pack far exceeding the £60 purchase price.

And then it was time for the coupons. The 50% chance of 5 x £0.50 tournament entry coupons was a success. Then it jumped straight to the big £20 tournament entry coupons and a 25% chance of five of them came my way. Over £100 of tournament entries to go alongside Bruno, Trent and a few others. And all for £60.


Now how to celebrate this success? Hit the Footstock Slack Channel of course and brag to anyone who’d listen.

All roads lead to Bruno

Now I was sitting pretty at this point, following my win on the pack lottery. My collection was now strengthened by having not one but two Bruno Fernandes and Trent Alexander-Arnold cards to use in the Pro tournaments, plus some coupons to afford my entry fees. But I still had around £40 looking at me in my bank balance, and a hunger for success with virtual football announced on Easter Saturday.

I wasn’t about to buy another pack – I think I’ve hit my peak there for the foreseeable. But reading up on the intricacies of the virtual game, I had a hunch: Bruno Fernandes is going to be as valuable in these tournaments as when the real football is here. His points per game is second to none, he’s been a beast in the real tournaments and would be in the roulette too if anyone ever dared to risk him.

With his now 4-star rating making him even harder to obtain, a shrewd purchase for £35.05 on the market seemed like a no-brainier. His stock is only going to rise when everyone realises his potential in the virtual tournaments, with his price already getting as high as around £60 back when we watched real football. My front of the queue buy order was met and I’m now ready to attack the virtual tournaments with 3 Bruno Fernandes cards.

I’m hoping to turn a profit with some buying and selling of the great man on the market over the next few weeks as the rest of the Footstock users cotton on to his virtual tournament worth. I’m also in the market to acquire a fourth for my collection, as I was unable to enter him into all of the current midweek tournaments that he was eligible for. Will he hit a consistent three figure price tag?

Holly is the brains behind, one of the most popular FPL advice resources out there. Joining Footstock in January 2020, she uses her fantasy expertise to hunt for hidden bargains and tournament-winning differentials.