Holly’s Footstock Diary | Part 2

March 27, 2020


Holly’s Footstock Diary | Part 2

With the shop shut for much of my second month on Footstock, I was forced to heed the advice of experienced players in the Slack channel and finally embraced the market.

My FPL knowledge has finally come to the fore after investing in a much more rounded collection of players and targeting specific teams with good fixtures. Looking at form and fixtures, I specifically targeted players from Wolves and Liverpool, while also investing in Southampton and Sheffield United defenders. Big money had to be spent acquiring Mohammed Salah and Sadio Mane, and owning additional Salah cards enabled me to attack in multiple tournaments.

I’d reached the point where I could handpick players for any given tournament, instead of merely selecting any active players in a given game. In the meantime, the shop reopened, with the packs giving out tournament coupons aplenty. I was finally ready to dip my toes into the pro tournaments. With larger tournament entry fees came large prizes. Suddenly £1 prize winnings became £20 wins and I very nearly had some three figure payouts.

Things were looking particularly positive in the last real weekend of football we had, in Gameweek 29, where I held second place in Footstock Aces (£180) and first place in Super Amateurs (£115.50) going into the final game of the weekend – Leicester vs Aston Villa. The team news was positive for me, with Jamie Vardy confined to the bench and a quiet game for James Maddison. However, with thirty minutes left to play, Vardy came on and the rest is history. I still came away with more than £75 of prize money that weekend though, and learnt plenty.

When the shop returned, I chucked a load of cash into my account and used up all my discount vouchers buying them. The 10% discount on the opening weekend was welcome and the packs were even more addictive than ever. I found myself on a run of opening packs that, with the new coupons, far exceeded their retail rate. The desperation to open a pack containing Bruno Fernandes was real, but he still eluded me, despite seeing plenty of success for others in the Slack Channel. In the end, I conceded and purchased him in the market for £30.

I made plenty of progress this month and feel prepared for when the football action eventually returns. I’m now eagerly waiting the next announcement of how Footstock are planning to fill the abyss. In the meantime, let the good times roll on the roulette tournaments.

Holly is the brains behind, one of the most popular FPL advice resources out there. Joining Footstock in January 2020, she uses her fantasy expertise to hunt for hidden bargains and tournament-winning differentials.