Footstock’s Festive Plans!

November 23, 2020
Footstock Team


Footstock’s Festive Plans!

Dear Players,

The Footstock elves (i.e. mostly James 🧝 and Tom 🧝) have cooked up a festival of festive excitement for you this December.

Introducing the Footstock Advent Calendar 🎁

How does it work? 🤔

From 1st December – 26th December, we’ll be launching a new promo on the platform every single day ⚽

These will come in many forms: enhanced freerolls, exclusive competitions, bolstered new user contests, special auctions and loads more 👀

Where can I stay up to date with the latest promo? 🙋

To take full advantage of each promo, you’ll want to know exactly what’s behind each advent calendar window. To do that, you’ll need to do the following:

✅ Check the Footstock blog – we’ll be posting full details of next day’s promo on the evening before 📗

✅ Join us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Slack. We’ll keep everyone up to date through those channels too 👌

✅ Keep an eye on your inbox. At the start of each week we’ll send you a teaser email with some of the highlights 🤑

Is there anything else to look forward to? 😁

Yes. We’ll also be running the December Monster throughout the month, culminating on Boxing Day (Gameweek 15). Here are the key facts you should know about that:

💰 £20 entry, 30 star budget, 11 man teams

🎲 All multi-match contests (excluding 1 and 2 player contests) count as qualifiers, with tickets awarded to 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 12th place (it’s the 12th month, after all!). We’re giving out over 400 tickets in total!

🤯 Up to 10 tickets per user can be won, with a UCL/EL player of choice for anyone who can grab an 11th!

Can you reveal anything today? 🕵️


Just kidding – yes, we can exclusively reveal that the first of our promos, taking place on 1st December, will see us give out 48 December Monster tickets across 4 UCL contests, including a freeroll 💸

Tickets will be awarded to anyone finishing between 1st – 12th in those 🔥

Oh, and it’s Black Friday on 27th November too. Keep an eye out for our Black Friday Bonanza this week 🎉


The Footstock Team 🎅