Footstock’s Contests Explained

September 30, 2020
Footstock Team


Footstock’s Contests Explained

In Footstock’s Contests, users are given the chance to compete against each other in fantasy competitions, using the player cards they have in their collections.

Contest Types

There are two main types of contests on Footstock: multi-match and single-match contests.

Multi Match

These contests involve more than one match and can run over several days or longer, such as the season-long Footstock 100k Freeroll.

Single Match

Some contests are based on an individual match. When the match starts, the entries are divided into smaller contests with around 20 entrants. This reduces the likelihood of duplicate lineups and split prize pots.

Contest Levels

The Tournaments are split into four difficulty categories: Freeroll, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Let’s take a look at what each one means.


“Freeroll” is just another way of saying “free-to-enter”. In other words, you don’t have to pay a fee to compete. Usually, freerolls on Footstock are limited to one entry per user.


Bronze tournaments are designed to be accessible to all users regardless of collection size and value. They have a low entrance fee and restrict the use of Epic, Rare & Legendary cards.


Silver tournaments are more expensive to enter than Bronze tournaments and usually allow entrants to use more of their high-level players.


Gold tournaments are the most expensive to enter and there are often very few restrictions on how many high-level players a user can enter. These tournaments tend to attract the most experienced users on Footstock.

Contest Restrictions

Contests on Footstock also have some restrictions:

Number of Entries

There are restrictions on the number of teams you can enter into a tournament. Most Freerolls and single-match contests are restricted to one entry per user, whereas the majority of multi-match tournaments are capped at five entries.

Once you have entered a lineup, you can still edit it until kick-off in the first match of the contest. However, tournament entries cannot be retracted. Keep in mind each card can only be entered in one contest at a time. Multiple cards of a player are needed to use the same player in simultaneous contest entries.

Card Rating

Depending on the level of the contest it will also have restrictions on the maximum amount of stars that can be used in total. The star restrictions vary per contest, with the £100k season-long allowing 35 in total. A 35-star limit would allow, for example, 2x Legendary cards (5*), 2x Epic cards (4*), 4x Rare cards (3*), 2x Common cards (2*) & 1x Basic card (1*).

Players per Position Limit

Again, depending on the contest you will be required to include a certain number of players in each position. In this season’s “Beat Kammy Freeroll” for example, you must construct an 8-man lineup with at least 1 player in each position (GK, DF, MD, FW).

Players per Club Limit

It is generally not possible to pick players from only one club in a contest entry. The limit of players per club is usually one fewer than the total number of players needed. For example, in a 9-a-side contest, you would typically only be allowed 8 players from the same team.

Tournament Scoring System

The graphic shows the different ways to gain and lose points on Footstock.

Tournament Payout Structure

The graphic shows how the payout structure works in accordance with the number of entries.