Footstock Virtuals: Explained

October 13, 2020
Footstock Team


Footstock Virtuals: Explained

Footstock’s Virtuals use match simulation technology to recreate fantasy contests. We built our virtual system to ensure that, regardless of how much real football is taking place, there will always be something fun on Footstock for our users to engage with.

There are two main uses of virtual matches on Footstock: Virtual Contests and Virtual Battles. Here we’ll talk about them both.

Virtual Contests

Virtual Contests run instead of, and alongside, our “real football” fantasy contests found in the contests section on Footstock. The rules are very similar to regular fantasy contests, but line-ups are released far earlier, giving you more of an opportunity to pick a side that are guaranteed to start.

Entries can be submitted right up to kick-off, after which point the match will get underway.

The new version of Footstock (dubbed Footstock 2.0) currently doesn’t support text commentary of the virtual action, but we hope to add this feature very soon.

Once the match has concluded, payouts will be rewarded to the teams that have scored the highest points, just like a real football contest.

Unlike real football, players in our virtual matches cannot be injured, red carded or awarded a penalty. They can, however, be substituted.

For more info on how our contests work, check out this video:

Virtual Battles

Virtual Battles are very similar to our Virtual Contests, but available to play 24/7.

The concept is simple: a user chooses the virtual match they’d like to participate in, they pay their entry fee, pick their team and wait for the contest to fill. Once the Virtual Battle reaches the required number of entrants (2, 4 or 8), the match will get underway. Think of it like an online gaming lobby.

At the end of the match, payouts will be awarded much like they would be in a contest, with prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in an 8-user battle, 1st and 2nd for a 4-user battle and 1st for a 2-user battle.

Unlike Virtual Contests, Footstock takes a 9% rake from the Virtual Battles prize fund.

For more information on how the virtual system works, check out our article from the CEO himself, Oliver Renner, who outlines the inner-workings of the tech behind it.