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Footstock 101: Working With a Tight Budget

January 27, 2020
Tom Mitcham


Footstock 101: Working With a Tight Budget

One of the great things about Footstock is the way the site caters for virtually any budget. Sure, we have our big spending managers who enter every ‘pro’ tournament and buys thousands of player cards, but we love the thrill of building a portfolio on a budget too.

Here are some top tips on how to approach Footstock if you want to start off with a small budget. For the sake of this article, we’ll say a small budget is anything under £25. With these tips, you’ll be able to build your bankroll and join the big leagues in no time.

Enjoy our welcome offer

Once signed up and verified on Footstock we provide £10 in tournament coupons and fifty bonus player cards to get you started. It’s worth having a look at how much the free cards are worth on our footstock market – if you’ve got lucky and been given a high value card then consider selling it to fund other purchases. Initially, you’re far better to build up a collection of cards than have a high value single card. That’s because Footstock’s Fantasy Football tournaments require you to build teams.

Buy players

You’re best off to start by targeting and buying specific players from the market if you’re working within a tight budget. The best initial strategy is to buy players from certain clubs, ideally ones you know well and are at the cheaper end of the Premier League spectrum. Let’s say you’re a Watford fan – you could buy the majority of their squad for under £10.00.

This means you’re now able to enter a Watford-based lineup in any tournament they’re in. Every Premier League fixture has a beginner, amateur and pro single game tournament, so over a season you could feasibly use these Watford cards 114 times. This tactic of buying up players from certain clubs is a cost-effective way of opening up opportunities to build your bankroll via tournaments.

Target simple rewards

Make sure you’re regularly checking the Rewards tab. Footstock has challenges for you to complete, many of which are very simple to complete. For example, if you bought the Watford squad as outlined above you’d complete Challenge #1 – that would give you a free stat roulette entry.

Further challenges will be completed naturally as you continue your Footstock journey, so be sure to keep an eye on those rewards.

There are over 70 rewards to be won on Footstock!

Enter freeroll and beginner tournaments

Footstock run freeroll tournaments every single week. You get to enter lineups for free and potentially win some big money, so make sure you’re entering every one of these. Even if you’ve only got low value cards it only takes an unexpected hat trick from your striker or a big defensive display and you’ll hit the money!

Beginner tournament buy-ins start from just 50p and are perfectly suited to lower budget users. These tournaments require you to use basic and common players, so a small budget user with lower value cards has just as good a chance as a pro user with thousands of cards.

To summarise…

Make sure you buy smartly from the market. Entering lower cost tournaments initially really is the key to building a smaller budget. This combined with raffles and rewards will help you build your player collection and climb up the Footstock ranks in no time.

Tom Mitcham

Tom has been a Footstock user since virtually Day 1. One of our most successful tournament players of all time, you'll find him dishing out invaluable wisdom to new managers whenever he gets a chance.