Footstock on a budget

January 28, 2021


Footstock on a budget

One of the great things about Footstock is that there are plenty of options for those who want to start on a smaller budget. It can be very satisfying seeing your collection grow through contest wins and smart trading. Here we will set out some tips to help those that want to start with a lower budget. 


Start with Freerolls and Bronze contests. These are great for those on a lower budget as not only do they have a low entry fee, but they also have star restrictions which evens the playing field with those managers with bigger collections. Below I will outline how it’s possible to build a competitive team for these contests for very little outlay.

How to build a team for a contest on a budget

Firstly it’s important to make sure that you tick all the requirements for the various contests. When starting out it’s a good idea to buy players that are in the two star category and below as this guarantees you can enter them in all contests and get maximum use for your cards straight away . 

Now let’s look at the mimimum requirements required for these contests. Bronze contests need 6 players with at least 1 defender and 1 midfielder. In the Freerolls you also often need a Goalkeeper and Attacker. The remainder of your teams can then be made up of players from any position, which we call ‘utility spots’.

A good tactic often used is to only use players from two or three teams rather than have say each player from a different team. There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, win points are worth six points and it’s a lot harder to pick six winning teams than it is say two or three. Secondly, it also gives you a better chance of getting both the goal and assist combination.

Another bit of advice would be to try to create a blend of goalscorers and players who are capable of picking up good scores even without a goal or assist. This is because goalscorers tend to pick up low scores if they fail to find the back of the net.

The Footstock scoring matrix in full

Below are three attributes that help boost scores regardless of whether they score or not. 

Base scores – A base score is a player’s score without goals, assists, clean sheets or wins. Some players are particularly suited to the footstock matrix. This is something that is easier to spot with time but things to look out for in particular are players that are likely to complete successful dribbles, a high amount of crosses or have a high amount of tackles and interceptions.

Clean sheets – A clean sheet for a defender is worth 5 points so picking defenders who are in a team that have a good chance to pick these up is a good idea. Although defenders don’t tend to get too many goals or assists they tend to be busy so a clean sheet and a win on top of their base score can result in a competitive score.

Wins – Finding players in the lower category in teams that often win is harder but there are exceptions. Look for players that might have recently come back from injury, or have only just become a regular starter. Also, teams that have recently come into good form. 

Now as an example I’m going to pick out three teams and try and find a blend of players with these attributes in mind.

First, let’s look at Brighton. I’ll pick out a few players and explain my rationale on their strengths in relation to the footstock matrix.

Robert Sanchez93p* – Goalkeeper. Not only can Sanchez fill our goalkeeper requirement but also fills the one star spot as well. Having only just become Brighton’s regular first team keeper he’s at a lower star category than he would be otherwise so is a useful pick. Goalkeepers from lower-ranked teams can often score well due to being busy.

Solly March 48p* – Midfielder – Takes corners and is capable of chipping in with goals and assists while also having a good base score. These are the type of players that are really suited to the contests.

Yves Bissouma74p* – Midfielder – Bissouma is a very regular starter with a good base score. Bissouma tends to pick up his fair share of successful dribbles while also being quite active in play generally. Not someone who is likely to get peak high scores but a possible good option if going with other Brighton players.

Neal Maupay£3.03* – Attacker – A starting striker who sometimes takes spot kicks. With so many penalties in the Premier League this season, penalty takers have become even more valuable. However, the risk as with most strikers is if Maupay doesn’t score he doesn’t have a great base score to back it up.

Now let’s look at Burnley – Burnley generally has a good defensive record so let’s look at getting a defensive option and then see what attacking options from the same team we can pair them with. 

Ben Mee – 51p* or James Tarkowski – 70p – Defenders – Both start every game when fit and are a danger from set-pieces. Defenders don’t always have the best base scores but if you can pick up a win and a clean sheet it’s a lot of points at the bronze level. On the rare occasion they can grab a goal or an assist you’re onto a winner. 

Robbie Brady – 35p* – Midfield – A decent base score option. Plenty of crosses and set pieces help him rack up a decent score.

Ashley Barnes – 36p* – Attacker – Having recently come back from injury Barnes is often in the starting line-up for Burnley. Not only is he very cheap but can also be another 1 star option currently.

Next, I’ll look at Southampton. Although a lot of the players at Southampton are in the higher star categories there are some nice options lower down.

Kyle Walker-Peters72p* – Defender – A defender with a really good base score due to a tendency to pick up successful dribbles and deliver crosses but also with the potential to pick up those valuable clean sheets and win point scores. 

Theo Walcott – £1.03* – Attacker – Having not played much at Everton and therefore dropping down the star ratings he is now starting regularly for Southampton. Capable of goals and assists.

Che Adams – £1.40* – Attacker – A starting striker in a team more likely to pick up win points is a good option. 

Now that’s ten options that can currently be picked up on the market for less than £10 total that has all the attributes to make a competitive team. Of course, there are plenty of players from other teams that have similar strengths at comparable prices so have a look at the various options with these qualities in mind and see what combinations you can find. 

Single Match Contests 

Another option that allows you to get plenty of use out of your cards is to buy players from the same club which allows you to enter the single match contests. Every premier league fixture has a Bronze, Silver and Gold contest so you could feasibly enter your cards 114 times over the course of a Premier League season. Footstock also covers domestic and international cups, giving your cards even more utility! As you can see in the pictures above you can buy the majority of a squad for certain teams for under £10. In fact, you can buy all 31 players of the Burnley squad for £16.70!

When is the best time to buy?

It is worth considering when to buy your players as this can save you money and it is these small edges that can help build profits. Player prices tend to go up nearer to the contests, as when people begin selecting their teams they realise they need certain players. Looking ahead at future fixtures for contests and planning who you might need is always a good idea.


Winning money from contests isn’t the only way to build a collection as there are also lots of possibilities to make money from trading too. The Footstock market is commission free and very active meaning it is a great place to trade.

The fact that prices tend to go up before matches can be used to your advantage. When you look at the future fixtures and see who you need for your contests, it’s highly likely that lots of others will need that player too. 

Let’s look at the example above. Carlos Vinicious started the week at £1.76. Tottenham had a favourable F.A cup tie coming up on the weekend where it was very likely Vinicius would start the game. As you can see from the graph above his price increased throughout the week and ended up nearer £7. Nearly a 400% increase. 

Perhaps after building your initial collection for a contest you have some of your budget left over. Instead of buying just one of a player you think will be in demand buy several. Play one and sell your spare nearer to the contest!


Footstock also have rewards for completing certain tasks and these often come in the way of discounts or free player cards so are a great way of building your collection. Rewards are often collected naturally as you complete your Footstock journey, but have a look at which ones you can target first to help build your collection. 


Hopefully, this article shows that with a little planning how relatively easy it to start building a really useful collection on a small budget while also explaining the various attributes which can help you create that winning team!

*player prices correct as of 10/01/2021


Ben joined Footstock in May 2020 and has been hooked ever since. As a football nut and former professional poker player, Ben found Footstock was the perfect concoction of his love of sport, stats and competition. He now spends his days dreaming of one day finishing top of the Footstock leaderboard he makes.