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Footstock Meet the Manager: Ross McCabe

June 25, 2020


Footstock Meet the Manager: Ross McCabe

In the Footstock Meet the Manager series, we profile some of the platform’s most active managers. Today’s manager under the spotlight is Footstock blogger Ross McCabe.

1) What is your name?

Ross McCabe / Ross_McCabe_FS (Twitter) / RossMcCabe89 (Footstock name)

2) How long have you been on Footstock, how did you hear about it and what is your Footstock-related background?

I have been trading on Footstock for about six weeks now. I believe I timed it ‘perfectly’ and joined about one week after the market rises: normally I’m late to the party, so why not add Footstock to that list!

My background in football is quite extensive. I dabbled a little bit into Football Index but it was not that exciting for me: I do plan to revisit Football Index in the future as I am a strong believer that the two platforms can work brilliantly side by side. A lot of FI guys are on my Twitter and I like hearing about all things football, whether it be Footstock news or Football Index!

I was previously a football tipster (Quinny will disagree after a few choice bets recently!). I used to run a football tipping page (free) on Facebook, which had over 10,000 followers. Sadly Facebook changed their rules on gambling sites and deleted my page one day and my followers were gone! Quite gutting, but that’s life! I am a regular football gambler who likes to bet on all types of football. I would not say I am a high roller as my bets normally range from £5 to £25. Sometimes I post these up on Twitter for others to enjoy or laugh at!

Like many, I used to sit in front of the computer playing Football Manager for days on end and as I’ve got older those games felt less appealing to me. I think the last Football Manager I played was 2018! I feel it has got way too detailed and it just takes way too long to get a real good save going, which is why I have stopped playing. Being a dad to my son, you don’t have as much time as you used to, which is why when I do have time, I spend it writing my blogs or communicating with the Footstock community.

I do have some cryptocurrency coins hidden away for a rainy day when that market starts to flourish, but I think we are quite a few years from that maturing and starting to look like decent money.

3) What is your collection size?

My Footstock collection as of today is sitting at £2,200 after the small dip in the market. Not a huge amount, but as me and my family have just relocated to Cornwall from London and bought our first house, I did not have a sack full of cash in the bank waiting for Footstock. I have invested as much as I was comfortable doing, and hopefully over the years I can grow this as much as possible.

I know there are guys with a lot more collection value, but having a low or high collection value does not really have much bearing on the platform. Everyone enjoys things differently and I have a lot of fun with my 2k+ collection. I think over the years it can grow into enough profit to be used on a holiday or something!

4) What is your collection structure?

My collection strategy has always been based around tournaments. I buy enough players that I can enter any Amateur tournament and feel like I have a chance of placing high enough for a cash finish and, on a rare occasion, win the tournament. I would say I have quite a good balance of players currently: I am only missing the top 4 players from my collection, which is Rashford, KDB, Adama and Bruno. Rashford, Adama and Bruno are because they are 5* and as I do not play Pro tournaments I have not seen the need to buy them. I will buy KDB shortly, but I feel with the next change he will rise back up to 5* and will become less useful for me.

My main goal when I started was to ensure I had each team in the league covered. I now have all of the starting lineups well covered. I have the starting 11 of each team and more, so I feel like with any tournament I can put out a great team.

When I started on this platform only virtual tournaments were running, and during virtuals I feel like strikers were a lot more valuable then they are in real football. If a striker doesn’t score in live football you don’t seem to get a huge amount of points. But in virtuals, the striker is more than likely going to score if that team grabs a few goals. Goalkeepers are so important now: I will also have at least one keeper in my tournament lineup and try and either spot the keeper who will be the busiest and make a lot of saves or one who will keep a clean sheet. Bernd Leno conceded three goals against Man City and I believe he still came out with 18 points due to the amount of saves he had to make, so they are very undervalued and very crucial.

Defenders who might grab a goal or assist are ones which I tend to choose more regularly. Azpilicueta and Trent are great as they score a couple of goals and are always able to grab an assist here and there!

Midfielders are players I tend to struggle with choosing. You can easily choose a midfielder and they go missing during a game so its very important to choose one who might score / make a lot of tackles and can grab you points from different aspects of their game! Maddison, Grealish and Son all come to mind when I think about useful midfielders. It is easy to focus on the 4* players, but most of the time my 4* selection would be a striker, so when I think about great-value midfielders I normally look around the 3* mark and the three mentioned above are great for that.

Research is paramount though. Get yourself a subscription to as many data sites as you can and analyse the data: the people who tend to do well in tournaments and roulette are those who read data really well, especially during the virtuals. You will go a lot further and win a lot more frequently if you choose your players based on data rather than how you perceive that player in your own mind.

5) What is your strategy?

Tournaments have always been my main focus on Footstock. I love the feeling of watching the games, whether it be virtual or real-life football, and the added bonus of being able to win quite a healthy amount back is great. I recently won an Amateur tournament and returned over £900, which hugely boosted my collection value. If I can get two or three wins a season, I would be a very happy punter.

6) What do you like about Footstock?

The constant communication which comes from Footstock is very encouraging. They are very engaging and always listen to end user feedback. They are very approachable and will genuinely listen to any suggestions the users provide them with, and sometimes they get implemented.

When we are promoting Footstock we have to be very careful not to over-sell a dream. When I first started my blog and began focusing my Twitter more on Footstock, I was over-sharing the platform. I do not share as much anymore and the reason for this is quite simple: Footstock will not be the answer to all of your problems, you won’t put £1,000 into Footstock and within a week have £2,000. It is a gambling platform and people need to see this as exactly that. The prices of your cards will go down, they will also rise, but you need to ensure you are paying attention to the market, player performances and transfer news.

It is not necessarily a deposit your money and come back in six months and see how you fare type of platform. A saying which I tell all of my followers and people who message me asking about the product is ‘You will get out of the platform what you put into it.’ If you put no effort in and just buy the players who are already established, you wont be too profitable in the long run.

I expect to turn my collection into a decent amount of money. That is always the goal when you are entering a gambling platform, but I am in no way reliant on the money I have in this platform. I don’t see this as a get-rich-quick scheme – I have a lot of fun on the platform and if Footstock decided to close tomorrow, my finances would not be affected in any way. I will deposit any spare money into the collection each month, and hopefully in the next year or so my collection will rise to around 5k. That is my yearly goal and I feel this is quite achievable.

We have just moved to Cornwall and bought a new house so there are always things which need to be bought and that is the main reason my Footstock collection is not bigger. Once the house is kitted out, I will focus some more of my finances into Footstock, but I am in no rush to do so as I am very comfortable with my initial investment.

Another one of my challenges over the next year is to get my net deposits down to £0. Currently I have a collection value of £2,300 and my net deposits are around £1,000 so it is going down slowly! This way I am playing on money earnt and not my own money, which would be a great feeling!

7) Which players do you presently think are the best value and why?

These are really tough questions, especially with how the market is performing at the moment. But looking at the current prices I think Harry Kane at £45–48* has a lot of movement and feel when he is firing on all cylinders he is a £100 player. However, I only have one of him.

Phil Foden at £23 is a steal. Once he gets more established in that City team and if he can get a regular starting spot, which I think he can, he will rise, and I can see him being £40–50 in the next three months if the market improves. I currently only have two Fodens.

Mason Greenwood at £18 also looks a bargain. Once/if the market starts moving again he will be one of the guys who starts moving quite quickly I think. He will be an appealing buy for newcomers to the platform and I feel his current price is not too expensive: we could see Greenwood quite a bit higher by the end of the season.

Of course all of the above only happens if the market starts moving upward. We had a huge spike over the last month and it seems to be settling down a little now, so the prices we see may be prices we have to play with for a little while until the new influx of users start joining the platform.

* Prices correct at time of writing

8) What advice would you give a new trader?

Come into the platform with a goal and stick to it. Don’t see Footstock as a quick money-making scheme because quite frankly it’s not, it is a gambling platform, and just have as much fun as you can with it. Set yourself limits and don’t let social media get to you: it is very easy to go above your limits when you think there might be a surge in market prices. Many of us might have thought when Jack Grealish was £18 that we may have missed the boat, and he is now £14, so the prices have come back somewhat and those who thought they were too late are now buying at affordable prices.

Keep a track of all of your tournament entries. You can keep an eye on how much you spend and also use it to highlight areas for improvement. If you notice on your tracking spreadsheet that you are not performing very well in the tournaments it might make you try a different tactic.

Join the Official Footstock Slack community: there are so many great people in there with a wealth of knowledge, and if you have any questions day or night there will always be someone around to answer anything.

Read and watch as many blogs and YouTube videos as you can: there are some great getting-started guides and how to play stat roulette videos available to you out there. So if you want to get a head-start on others, take all of this knowledge in and you will be a much better trader on the market for it.

Last, but not least, have fun! It’s a great platform with so many different ways to be profitable: find your way and stick to it.

9) What has been your best/favourite roulette win or swap?

I don’t play a huge amount of stat roulette if I am honest. I don’t feel like my collection value is high enough to be risking away 15 cards a day and I’d much rather spend that £15+ which it might cost to spin 15 times on tournament entries. Having said that, I have had some success with it previously: I span a Hojbjerg and won Bruno Fernandes, which was a great highlight for me. I also span Ayoze Perez and won a Rashford once, which was another nice highlight!

10) What are you most looking forward to about Footstock?

I am very excited to see what the platform looks like when more and more users join. Footstock partnering with WhoScored should see a huge amount of traffic coming to the site. Hopefully this will see an increase in prices of players and it will also push up the prize pools of the tournaments on offer, which are already brilliant. Footstock have been amazing at implementing great changes so I’m very excited to see what changes they have up their sleeves for the future growth of the platform.

I think we are in the very early stages of this great platform, and once it becomes more established, that is when the growth will truly shine through and all of us who are here at the beginning will reap the rewards compared to those joining years down the line! People just need to stick with it during the dips and not just be jumping for joy when the prices seem like they are high!


Dan has been an avid Footstock user and ambassador since the IndieGoGo campaign. Having founded the official Slack group, as well as the popular Twitter handle @FootstockChat, Dan remains one of the most well-informed and engaged Footstock community members out there.