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Footstock Market Movement Update: September

September 17, 2020


Footstock Market Movement Update: September

After an unplanned break during August, the market movement review is back to coincide with the return of the Premier League. So, how do the prices of the top 30 look compared to July as we get the 20/21 season underway?

Since the previous market movement post at the end of July, the combined price for the top 30 has seen another slight drop of around 2% for the three different prices that are displayed. Due to the hourly fluctuations seen in market prices, checking the current prices at another time of day could have easily resulted in an overall increase being shown, though there is a caveat to this which I’ll explain later.

Category Changes

There are plenty of changes to highlight in this latest update, though bear in mind that these are the changes in the top 30 between July and September, so some players have moved up or down two categories compared to the July market movement piece.

After strong finishes to the season, Kane, Son and Aubameyang make the step up to Legendary, with Salah, Traore and Saint-Maximin losing their places amongst the cream of the crop since July.

Between the Epic/Rare categories, we’ve seen the following movement since July’s category changes:

Moved up: Antonio, Doherty, Jesus, Jota, Lloris, Patricio, Pulisic, Robertson and Sterling

Moved down: Aguero, Almiron, Ayew, Calvert-Lewin, Fred, Heaton, Maguire, Mahrez, McTominay, Pepe and Traore

Timo Werner was added to the platform straight in as an Epic option, which meant one extra player had to move down to accommodate Chelsea’s new German star.

Price Movements

I’ve again had a look at the three different card prices available for the top 30 players on the market to see what changes there have been compared to previous months.

N.B. with the market being a lot more fluid and the prices shifting on an hourly basis, sometimes significantly, the prices below are only as a guide to give an indication of the change in the value of the top 30 as a whole.

(All values correct as of 16 September, 7 a.m.)

‘Sell This Card’ Prices

‘Buy This Card’ Prices

‘Last Card Deal’ Prices

Top 30 Totals & Averages Monthly Comparison

As can be seen in the above tables and as touched on earlier, prices on 16 September were, on average, 2.17% lower for the top 30 players combined, compared to the prices on 23 July.

The introduction of Timo Werner to the top 30, with his buy price just shy of £100, has helped combat the fact that there are now three Epic goalkeepers priced between £2.19 and £2.37 which have brought down the overall total.

Current Trading Opportunities

As usual, I’ve also taken a look at the top 5 options of the current Epic and Legendary cards when it comes to trading.

Top 5

One purchase and sale of each of the above players at the displayed prices would generate £41.69 in profit. Factor in the run up to specific tournaments or the sell off after tournaments and it shows that active trading can lead to relatively simple returns.

Since the whirlwind of price rises and then subsequent drops between March and June, the last couple of months have definitely seen things largely stabilise. As with any trading platform, there are always going to be ups and downs: it’s finding the right time to make your trades that is key.

With the Premier League back and an increase in activity on the marketing front, including the “unbelievable” signing of Kammy as Footstock ambassador, the next few months should see a steady rise in Footstock users, which in turn will likely mean larger tournament prize pots for everyone to take aim at. It won’t necessarily mean another surge in prices, but it will mean more people trading cards to get their lineups in place, which will bring about more opportunities for profit from day-to-day trading.

Remember, Footstock is a gambling product. Profits are not guaranteed.


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