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Footstock Market Movement Update: November

November 4, 2020


Footstock Market Movement Update: November

We are seven games into the 20/21 Premier League season and the table is starting to take shape, with many of the regular top players hitting the ground running, but also with a selection of newcomers keeping pace.

On the flip side, there’s also more than a handful of players that haven’t quite had the start to the season they may have been hoping for. But how has all of this impacted the Footstock market?

I’ve taken another look at the Epic and Legendary players after the November update, to see how their combined price has changed from the start of October. Plus I’ve looked at the players whose stock has risen and fallen the most during the course of the month.

Category Changes

The November category changes have seen no changes in the five Legendary players at the top of the Footstock hierarchy, though Harry Kane’s sensational start to the season has seen him usurp Bruno Fernandes as the current King of Footstock.

Within the Epic category, we’ve seen five players switching with others from the Rare tier:

Moved up: Zaha, Ward-Prowse, Calvert-Lewin, Vardy and Foden

Moved down: Traore, Bowen, Armstrong, Redmond and Pulisic

Price Movements

I’ve again had a look at the three different card prices available for the top 30 players on the market to see what changes there have been compared to previous months.

N.B. with the market being a lot more fluid and the prices shifting on an hourly basis, sometimes significantly, the prices below are only as a guide to give an indication of the change in the value of the top 30 as a whole.

(All values correct as of 3rd November, 11 a.m.)

‘Sell This Card’ Prices

‘Buy This Card’ Prices

‘Last Card Deal’ Prices

Top 30 Totals & Averages Monthly Comparison

The overall prices of the top 30 saw another small drop of between 0.77–2.72% compared to October, though again, with the prices fluctuating hour by hour, this can be seen as fairly stable on the whole.

A new addition for this month, I’ve taken a look at the top 5 risers and fallers when looking at the last sale price within the top 30, though this only includes players who were in the top 30 before and after the November category changes.

Top 5 Increases

Top 5 Decreases

As you can see, it’s Trent Alexander-Arnold’s slow start to the season, from both a defensive and offensive perspective, that has had the biggest impact on the overall pricing of the top 30. His fall of £17.53 from his October price equates to a drop of 27%, though it’ll likely only take a couple of improved games for him to rise again.

On the other hand, Harry Kane’s blistering start has seen his price shoot up by 24% – an increase of £10.50. Both of these examples highlight that the Footstock market dynamics are working exactly as they should at the moment, with in form players generally rising and those who aren’t hitting their previous heights dropping.

Current Trading Opportunities

As usual, I’ve also taken a look at the top 5 options of the current Epic and Legendary cards when it comes to trading.

Top 5

The spreads between the buy/sell prices within the top 30 have really tightened up at the moment, with just seven of the Epic/Legendary cards having a spread of more than £1, compared to 13 with £1 or more last month. That being said, with just one trade of each of the above five players at the shown prices, you’d still make £24.15 in profit.

While these are the players with the current biggest spread for immediate trading, the best trading option by far for profit at the moment is still tournament-based trading, with a lot of players generally seeing large spikes in the run up to tournament entry deadlines.

Remember, Footstock is a gambling product. Profits are not guaranteed.


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