Footstock Market Movement Update: February

February 4, 2021


Footstock Market Movement Update: February

January seems to have flown by, so it’s time for the February Monthly Market Movement Update to see how things have changed among the top 30 players on Footstock. As with last month, the total value of the top 30 players combined has seen a drop, though it is again one that makes sense when looking at the players involved, which we’ll look into further later.

Category Changes

Amazingly, it is now four months since there were any changes in the Legendary category, with Fernandes, Kane, Son, De Bruyne and Salah managing to keep hold of the top spots, despite a month including lower returns and injuries for all five of them.

Between Epic and Rare, five players traded places with the February updates:

Moved up: Bowen, Alexander-Arnold, Raphinha, Schmeichel and Tielemans

Moved down: Richarlison, Calvert-Lewin, Firmino, Patricio and McCarthy

Price Movements

I’ve again had a look at the three different card prices available for the top 30 players on the market to see what changes there have been compared to previous months.

N.B. with the market being a lot more fluid and the prices shifting on an hourly basis, sometimes significantly, the prices below are only as a guide to give an indication of the change in the value of the top 30 as a whole.

(All values correct as of 3rd February, 11 a.m.)

‘Sell This Card’ Prices

‘Buy This Card’ Prices

‘Last Card Deal’ Prices

Top 30 Totals & Averages Monthly Comparison

It’s been another drop in the overall prices of the top 30 combined and, unlike last month, the category changes have had minimal impact on this, but player form and injuries definitely have.

The five players who jumped up to Epic have a combined last sale price of £35.60, whereas the players moving down to Rare had a combined price of £34.90.

So where have the changes mainly come from? I’ve detailed below the biggest risers and fallers within the top 30 based on the last sale price, though this only includes players who were in the top 30 before and after the latest category changes.

Top 5 Increases

Top 5 Decreases

Only four players who were in the top 30 before and after the February category changes saw a rise in their most recent sale prices, with a total of just £1.15 – compare that to the biggest fallers and their drop in price totals £51.74.

However, across the whole of the top 30 there are a lot of players whose price has been affected either by injury, such as KDB, Kane, Ings and Vardy, or by a drop in form/output, with Fernandes, Salah and Rashford prime examples.

All of this again shows that Footstock prices are now working pretty much as they should be, with players dropping in price when they’re less useful for contests and others jumping in price as they hit form or come back from injury.

Current Trading Opportunities

As usual, I’ve also taken a look at the top 5 options of the current Epic and Legendary cards when it comes to trading.

Top 5

There are only eight players within the top 30 who have a buy/sell gap of £1 or more, and one buy/sell of the top five at the prices displayed above would bring in just shy of £20 at £19.90.

It’s going to be a very interesting few months on Footstock, with multiple enhancements scheduled to be released, as well as new contest formats and additional Monster contests to use European players in. When combined with the announced Seedrs campaign, it should hopefully mean we start to see another influx of members, who will all need to build up their collection for contests, which should mean plenty of opportunities for players to rise in price at the right time.

Remember, Footstock is a gambling product. Profits are not guaranteed.


A member since launch, FPLGreenArrow was initially more of a lurker, though eventually caught the Footstock bug big time. He can regularly be seen finishing just outside the money in tournaments!