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Footstock Market Movement Update: December

December 11, 2020


Footstock Market Movement Update: December

With the December category changes having now taken place, it’s time for my latest look at how the values within the Epic and Legendary categories have shifted over the course of the last month.

Category Changes

Similar to the November category update, there’s been no change in personnel within the Legendary category, though Bruno Fernandes has reclaimed his throne from Harry Kane.

Four players have made the switch from Rare to Epic and vice versa:

Moved up: Rodriguez, Mahrez, Jota and Bowen

Moved down: Leno, Martial, Alexander-Arnold and Foden

Price Movements

I’ve again had a look at the three different card prices available for the top 30 players on the market to see what changes there have been compared to previous months.

N.B. with the market being a lot more fluid and the prices shifting on an hourly basis, sometimes significantly, the prices below are only as a guide to give an indication of the change in the value of the top 30 as a whole.

(All values correct as of 9th December, 12 p.m.)

‘Sell This Card’ Prices

‘Buy This Card’ Prices

‘Last Card Deal’ Prices

Top 30 Totals & Averages Monthly Comparison

We’ve seen the biggest percentage drop in the overall value of the top 30 since July, with the three total prices falling between 16.95–20.10% compared to the start of last month.

I’ve looked at the biggest risers and fallers within the top 30 based on the last sale price, though this only includes players who were in the top 30 before and after the December category changes.

Top 5 Increases

Top 5 Decreases

It is clear to see why the overall value of the Epic and Legendary players has seen a big drop, with only three players increasing in price from last month and two of those for a combined £1.35. On the other hand, the top five price drops for players totals more than £57, with another 18 of the top 30 seeing price falls of £0.03–7.98.

Current Trading Opportunities

As usual, I’ve also taken a look at the top 5 options of the current Epic and Legendary cards when it comes to trading.

Top 5

Just over half of the players from the top 30 have a spread of less than £1, which shows things are still quite tight when it comes to general trading, though as mentioned in previous months, trading in the run up to tournament deadlines can be extremely profitable. From the five players above who have the biggest spread, just one trade of each at the displayed prices would be enough to generate £37.29 of profit.

Remember, Footstock is a gambling product. Profits are not guaranteed.


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