The Footstock Leaderboard: GW 20 + 21

February 2, 2021


The Footstock Leaderboard: GW 20 + 21

With the fixtures coming thick and fast, this week’s leaderboard is a look back at the two previous gameweeks.

The leaderboard has the same points as the previous format, which you can see below:


GW21 saw the January Monster take centre stage. We had 945 entries, which surpassed December’s total comfortably and created a massive £18,900 prizepool.

● With many key picks being rotated, it was a rollercoaster of a contest, with a lot of low scores. One user broke away from the pack midway through gameday 2 and stayed there to take the £2,961 first-place prize. That user was fpl differential, who lived up to their name by picking a couple of high scorers with low ownership, which made a real difference. Congratulations fpl differential! On the Footstock leaderboard, however, all contests are created equal, and fpl differential picks up 25 points for the win. They are now on 50 points overall and tied for 11th place.

The top of the leaderboard has started to take shape as a few names pull away:

● bigtree picks up another three top tens, taking him to 100 points and 4th overall.

● vin unleaded had an excellent weekend, with a 1st in the Sunday Gold to go along with a top ten in the Monster. Two more top tens took them to 105 points and 3rd overall.

● maddogbeast continued their relentless march up the leaderboard, with a massive seven top tens, which included a win in the Tuesday Gold. That puts them on 118 points and in 2nd overall.

● ben_pz remains the luckiest man alive, with eight top tens, including a 1st in the Midweek Gold and 5th in the Monster. He takes his total to 198 points and remains in 1st place.

The Leaderboard

We are straight back into the action, with GW22 beginning tonight. This month, the top three in multi-match contests get tickets to the Monster of their choice. With there being not one, not two, but three Monsters this month, it’s looking like it is going to be an exciting one!

To find out where you are on the full leaderboard, check here.

Good luck in the contests!


Ben joined Footstock in May 2020 and has been hooked ever since. As a football nut and former professional poker player, Ben found Footstock was the perfect concoction of his love of sport, stats and competition. He now spends his days dreaming of one day finishing top of the Footstock leaderboard he makes.