Footstock in 500 Words

January 26, 2020


Footstock in 500 Words

Warning: this is a short summary of Footstock. If you want to dig deeper check out A Detailed Guide To Footstock (coming very soon).

The concept

The Footstock concept is simple: you buy, sell and hold a portfolio of Premier League players and then you use your players to win money in Fantasy Premier League contests. What could be simpler? Footstock, at its core, is a mixture of trading and fantasy football.

All Premier League players are represented as player cards and can be bought from the Footstock Market or from other Footstock players. You can purchase as many of the same player as you wish, depending on how many are available to buy.

Footstock player cards

Players are placed in one of five categories, Legendary, Epic, Rare, Common and Basic which is based on the fantasy football points the player has earned . The higher the class, the less cards there are available to be bought which in turn increases the player card’s rarity and therefore value.

There is a further player class of inactive, this is for players that leave the league. These players can still be bought and sold on the market and are the only players that can be used in the swap system. They cannot be used in tournaments or in the casino.

Building your portfolio

You can purchase players from the Shop (Footstock) or the Market (other Footstock players). The shop sells the cards in packs of five with an increased chance of obtaining higher level players based on the type of pack you purchase. In the Market you can buy and sell players, either accepting the price people have put forward or proposing your own price.

You can also obtain players through the Roulette games or via the Swap system. The Roulette is a gamble where you compete against Footstock or other Footstock players. You put forward a player you wish to gamble and a Footstock algorithm randomly chooses an opponent and a stat category. The two players go head to head and the winner takes both player cards.

The Swap system is only for inactive players. You choose a player, pay a fee and request a swap. Footstock will randomly swap the player for an active player of a similar class.

Once you have obtained players you can check them out in the Collection section: here you can see all the players you own and how many you own of each.

Entering tournaments

Finally, you can use the players you have purchased in the Tournaments section. Here you can play FPL-style fantasy football contests that are based on either a single game or a range of fixtures. This type of fantasy football is known under the collective term of Daily Fantasy Sport (DFS). There are freeroll contests where everybody has a chance to win for no risk and there are also paid contests with different price ranges.

There are many ways to be successful on Footstock and this, in conjunction with the fact you actually own players, provides a real sense of belonging. The Footstock future is bright: don’t be the one to miss out!


Dan has been an avid Footstock user and ambassador since the IndieGoGo campaign. Having founded the official Slack group, as well as the popular Twitter handle @FootstockChat, Dan remains one of the most well-informed and engaged Footstock community members out there.