Footstock Desktop 2.0 is here!

December 18, 2020
Footstock Team


Footstock Desktop 2.0 is here!

We are immensely excited and proud to announce the launch of the Footstock Desktop 2.0! 🖥️

The site is now live, with all the features you currently experience across our mobile web, iOS and Android apps. 🔥

Access it here.

With all our 2.0 platforms (apps, mobile web, desktop) now delivered it means any new features can be added in parallel ✔️

More on that next week…

What if I find a bug?

As with any major release we have tested it as much as humanly possible! There’s always still the possibility of small bugs popping up once released into the wild 🐛

There’s two ways to report any issues you find:

via email – ✔️
The Footstock Slack #v2feedback channel ✔️

Any issues flagged will be prioritised and fixed from Monday onwards. The less you find the more of an Xmas break our tech team get! 🎄

What about my Rewards and Games?

The old desktop version can still be accessed for the couple of remaining features we’re working on:

Rewards 🎁
Games 🎲

It can be accessed here.

There’ll be an update on these two features shortly, with a sneak peak at how rewards 2.0 is coming along 😊

Being redirected to the old desktop? 🕵️

If so please close any Footstock windows, clear your cache, then use the email link again ✔️

Still stuck? Give it an hour and try again ✔️

If all else fails email us at 👍

Good luck in today’s Xmas Virtuals, and have a fantastic Xmas! 🎅

Footstock Team