Footstock 101: Tournament Basics

April 3, 2020
Footstock Team


Footstock 101: Tournament Basics

In Footstock’s Tournaments, users are given the chance to compete against each other in fantasy competitions, using the player cards they have in their collections.

Tournament Difficulties

The Tournaments are split into four difficulty categories: Freeroll, Beginner, Amateur and Pro. Let’s take a look at what each one means.


“Freeroll” is just another way of saying “free-to-enter”. In other words, you don’t have to pay a fee to compete. Usually freerolls on Footstock are limited to one entry per user.


Beginner tournaments are designed for new or inexperienced users. They are usually very cheap to enter and ordinarily have restrictions on the number of high-level players you can enter. That means even new players with limited budgets should be able to field competitive teams.


Amateur tournaments are more expensive to enter than Beginner tournaments and usually allow entrants to use more of their high-level players.


Pro tournaments are the most expensive to enter and usually have the fewest entrants too. There are often very few restrictions on how many high-level players a user can enter. These tournaments tend to attract the most experienced users on Footstock.

Tournament Restrictions

Most tournaments have restrictions that govern the number and level of players that an entrant is allowed to enter.

This information is displayed on the tournament’s tile and will look something like this:

In the above image, we can learn the following:

– This tournament requires users to enter at least 2 strikers, 3 midfielders, 3 defenders and 1 goalkeeper.

– This tournament requires users to enter at least 2x 1* players, 2x 2* players and 2x 3* players. There are no restrictions on the number of 4* or 5* players.

– Users entering this tournament cannot pick more than 2 players from each club.

Tournament restrictions will vary depending on the difficulty level of the tournament.

Each tournament will have a number of players required to form an eligible team, which also varies. Unlike traditional fantasy football, most tournaments on Footstock can be entered with less than 11 players.

Scoring and Payouts

The scoring system on Footstock is more comprehensive than traditional fantasy football scoring. Whilst big points are on offer for decisive actions like scoring goals and registering assists, further points can be obtained through actions like clearances, crosses, interceptions and dribbles.

For a full outline of the Footstock scoring system, check out the Scoring Matrix here.

Once you’ve entered a tournament and it gets underway, you’ll see a leaderboard which will change in real-time depending on how your players are performing.

Footstock uses a tiered payout system, which means the winner of a tournament will win the most cash, with decreasing prizes given to those below. Usually between 20%-25% of tournament entrants will receive winnings.

Tournament Tactics

For three great beginner tournament strategies, check out our expert’s advice here.


The tournaments on Footstock are one of the most exciting and, if approached properly, lucrative features on the platform. We’d recommend taking them slowly: the freerolls are a risk-free way to get accustomed with them. After that, clever strategy will maximise your chances of success.